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Readers have been asking for a long time why I don’t do more with soundadviceblog.com and rarely post here. You will read more about that in my column soon, but one of the big reasons is I have never been satisfied with this site and have been planning a new one for some time.  My new site, soundadvicenews.com, is here!

This site and its 674 pages will be retired and frozen in time as it is now for everyone to visit and enjoy, and all future posting will be done on soundadvicenews.com. I am going to be posting there several times a week so it will be worth your while to keep checking in. Farewell, soundadviceblog.com.  It’s been swell, but I am on to new and better things…

Visit mylittlegabby.com to read about Sound Advice mascot Gabby!

I recently published a website about the Sound Advice mascot, my miniature dachshund Gabby.  She passed away on June 25, 2015.  She was almost 18 years old, and she slept under my arm almost every day from the moment I took her home when she was 7.5 weeks old. She was playing until the last few weeks of her life, and I know we were very blessed.

The site is called My Little Gabby and it is found at mylittlegabby.com. It reads like an online book illustrated with pictures and videos. Spread out over 46 chapters (most of them short) I explore aspects of her personality as I tell the story of our life together from the moment I first saw her until she passed, and even a little bit beyond that. It is all free and advertising-free, and you can see it at mylittlegabby.com. It works on mobile but really looks best on a computer.

Here is my first bit of feedback from a Facebook post:

Karen DeMelo Flint
Karen DeMelo Flint 8:47pm Dec 14
I feel as though I was meant to come across this and read it. Thank you for writing such a beautiful story. I’m almost done I’ve made it to chapter 40 and had to take a break, the tears just won’t stop. I have a senior dachshund he is 15, going through crf as well. I have no doubt that Gabby was very special, and that God sent her to you. Keep her memories close to your heart and find comfort in all the happiness she brought you. My heart goes out to you. How lucky you both were to have one another.

Though there may be tears, and loss is part of the story, it is really a story of love, happiness and hope and I finish it with a message meant to be helpful to pet lovers suffering loss. It’s also your chance to learn a bit more about the man behind the newspaper column, as I open up in a way I never have before.

I hope you enjoy Gabby’s antics and reading about us!  If you like the site please tell others about it, too.  My goal in telling our story is not just to tell everyone about Gabby and how much I loved her, but to hopefully  help people like Karen, too.

-Don Lindich

Testing, 1, 2, 3

Hello readers

I am just testing an animation for a new website.  Nothing to see here, move right along…



Cambridge Audio Bluetone 100 winner!

Mr. Walter Kroloski of Jefferson Hills, PA is our lucky winner!  Congratulations, Walter!

Wharfedale Speaker winner!

Congratulations to Mary Jo Skinner of Aloka, MN, our Wharfedale speaker winner!

Wharfedale Speaker Giveaway

Enter my Wharefdale Speaker Giveaway here.

Good luck, everyone!

Home flight simulator cockpits

I have a column about home flight simulation coming up soon.  Here are some examples of home cockpits!



Videos: http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=home+737+cockpit&qpvt=home+737+cockpit&FORM=VDRE

You can see some more modest implementations at www.simsamurai.com.

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Cambridge SoundWorks Clearance Sale WOW20OFF coupon code


I’ve received a few emails about the special deal at Cambridge SoundWorks, where you can get the Ambiance 2 WiFi Music System for only $119 instead of $349.  Apparently some readers are having trouble using the code.

The code will NOT work at Amazon.  You must go to the Cambridge SoundWorks Clearance Sale site:


There you can use the WOW20OFF code and save 20%.

If you buy the radio be sure to try my sound settings:


Hope you get a radio before they sell out!

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Cambridge SoundWorks Ambiance Settings

I have a column about the Cambridge SoundWorks Ambiance 2 Radio coming up soon.  These are audio settings I have found to produce excellent sound.

Equalizer: Custom
Treble + 1
Loudness: off

X-Fi Settings

Suurround: 15%
Crystallizer: 100%
Bass: 15%
Dialog Plus: 50%
Smart Volume: 50%

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The SJ1000: Great Action Camera for $80

In an upcoming column I discuss GoPro vs the marketplace and mention an amazing value on an action cam that is available online for less than $80, the SJ1000. It’s made in China by Shenzhen Hongfeng Century Technology and sold on Amazon and eBay. The footage rivals the better GoPro models and it even has an LCD screen like a digital camera, a standard feature that GoPro lacks. No WiFi on the SJ1000, though.

If you will use the camera a lot or simply want the best, I recommend the GoPro Hero 3+ Black. Otherwise, check out the SJ1000 before spending a lot on an action camera.

SJ1000 Action Camera on Amazon.com

Click the MORE link below for some sample footage from the SJ1000. Sorry for the obnoxious music chosen for some of these edits! Try and concentrate quality of the footage, and on the camera’s audio when you hear it.

Read the rest of this entry »

Olympus E-PM2 two lens kit for $349 (55% off!)

Another incredible Amazon deal of the day on a great Micro Four Thirds interchageable lens camera! The Olympus PEN E-PM2 duplicates the image quality of the award-winning Olympus OM-D E-M5 but has a simpler image stabilization system (which is still effective.) The 14-42mm and 40-150 lenses provide all the zoom range most anyone needs.

Can’t beat this deal. Amazing!

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Panasonic DMC-G6 for $534 on Amazon.com

This is a great deal on one of my favorite Micro Four Thirds cameras. Not only are the still photographs great, the video from the DMC-G6 is absolutely amazing, it looks broadcast quality! A few days ago my fraternity little brother Ted bought the outfit below, upon my recommendation.


I love the Olympus lenses but with most Panasonic camera bodies you are often better served with a Panasonic lens, since most Panasonic lenses have optical image stabilization. (Olympus cameras have the stabilization in the body, as does the Panasonic GX7.) This kit lens, when added to the DMC-G6, will cover all of most anyone’s photographic needs. It covers a 35mm equivalent range of 28mm-300mm and both lenses are very sharp, with great color rendition.

This $750 outfit will give you beautiful pictures and beautiful videos, while allowing you to explore lots of creative options as well. Highly recommended!

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Panasonic DMC-G5 on Amazon.com for $299

Amazon Deal of the Day! Panasonic DMC-G5 camera with kit lens for only $299, reduced from $699!

Get it while you can!

Panasonic 50-inch S60 plasma for $649 at Best Buy

Best Buy has the Panasonic 50-inch plasma TC-P50S60 on sale for $649.  It is a Smart TV without 3D and the picture is exceptional for the price.  It’s $879 at Amazon right now, so you save and have the convenience of buying from a local store.

I came across this deal while doing some research for a reader.  Thanks to his question, everyone can benefit!

Panasonic TC-P50S60 for $649 at Best Buy

Here is an Amazon link in case they beat the price or you would rather by from them.

Panasonic TC-P50S60 at Amazon.com

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Panasonic LUMIX DMC-G5 with kit lens, only $399

Regular readers know I am a big fan of the Micro Four-Thirds mirrorless system cameras.  My preference usually runs towards Olympus but Panasonic is a player as well.  Panasonic is especially notable for their great lenses. I’ve owned and used the Panasonic 20mm/1.7 for years and absolutely love it.

The latest Panasonic bodies are a big improvement over their predecessors.  I owned a DMC-G3 and much preferred the Olympus cameras of their time.  I have been spending some time lately with the latest model, DMC-G6 and so far am quite impressed with it.  I think Olympus is still the picture quality king, but the DMC-G6 pictures are excellent as well and the video performance stands out in its class. In all respects it is a big leap over the G3, and both the G6 and its predecessor the G5 have been highly rated and recommended.

The Panasonic LUMIX  DMC-G6 is $749 and worth it, but my recent foray into Panasonic LUMIX G cameras has uncovered an excellent deal for anyone who wants to try Micro Four-Thirds, add a second camera body to their Micro Four-Thirds outfit, or get started with an interchangeable lens camera.  The Panasonic LUMIX DMC-G5 is on sale for only $399 with 14-42mm kit lens.  It you have a Micro Four-Thirds system and want to add a camera body you can buy the G5 body only for $279.

Read up, if you need a camera you won’t go wrong with this.


Panasonic’s LUMIX site: http://www.panasonic.net/avc/lumix/systemcamera/gms/

See pictures at the LUMIX Luminaries photostream.

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Oontz Angle for $39.99.,Oontz for $49.99 on Amazon.com!

What more can I say?  A tremendous bargain on a tremendous product!

Oontz Angle for only $39.99 on Amazon.com

Looks like the regular Oontz is only $49.99. Another wonderful deal.

Oontz for $49.99

The difference?  Tonal character and sound is the same, but The Oontz goes deeper in the bass and plays louder.  The Oontz Angle is lighter and has 20 hours of battery life vs. 10 hours on the The Oontz.

You won’t go wrong either way.

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Samsung NX1000 and NX1100: super cameras, super bargain

I’ve been testing Samsung’s NX1100 mirrorless interchangeable lens camera (compact system camera) and have to say, I like it a lot. You will read about it more in an upcoming column, but for now I will say it is a 20.3-megapixel APS-C sensor camera with excellent image quality, an intuitive user interface, and WiFi for easy sharing between devices and the internet. It appears to be identical to the NX1000 model, which is still shown on Samsung’s website as the main model in the series. The camera is available in black or white and includes a flash unit.

What is especially compelling about the NX1100 and NX1000 is THE DEAL. The NX1100 is available in a bundle with a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0 and Adobe Lightroom 4 for only $599, and you can get the NX1000 kit on its own for under $350.

NX11000 Bundle at Sam’sClub

Samsung NX1000 on Amazon.com (Black Body)

Samsung NX1000 on Amazon.com (white body)

Samsung’s lenses have received praise for their high optical quality and there is a nice, and growing, selection of them. After using the NX1100 I can say I definitely prefer it to the Sony NEX models I have owned and used, and consider them a better buy and a better long-term prospect due to the excellent and affordable lenses. (Lens selection is where Sony’s NEX system falls down.)

Overall I would have to say Olympus still has the crown for compact system cameras due to the advanced camera bodies, superior jog pictures and huge lens selection. You can get an NX1000 for about $200 less than an Olympus E-PM2, however and it has charms of its own. That makes it an amazing buy and a great way to give this class of camera a try, either as an upgrade to a point-and-shoot or a supplement to your SLR system. Highly recommended.

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A new look for the Oontz

Tell A Friend!

I wrote a rave review of the $69 Cambridge SoundWorks Oontz Bluetooth Speaker not long ago, and quite a few readers have been contacting me with some raves of their own.  Here are a few samples of what they have to say about The Oontz:

“After reading your column I purchased the Oontz Bluetooth speaker. I love it. It is a great musical companion when paired with my iPad. No more annoying headsets or earbuds to contend with and I can happily go about my household chores.  I am thoroughly enjoying the sound of my affordable Oontz as I write this. Thanks for the recommendation.”

-P.K., Bethel Park, PA

“A HUGE “thanks” for making me aware of the Oontz!  I’ve been trying to find a way to use a speaker phone for business calls for the past year or so.  The quality of consumer phones is so poor that the speakers are unacceptable for business calls.  I did not want to pay the $500 or so to get top-of-the-line business speaker phones, so I bought a refurbished business speakerphone and had nothing but grief from it (it worked on occasion but not reliably).

The Oontz arrived a day or so ago, and it was easy to use with the Bluetooth on my iPhone and will solve my need–all for about $70.  Also, the quality of playback from my iTunes library is way better than I ever expected.  And, all from such a tiny speaker.  Thanks, again!”

-D.B., San Farncisco, CA

“Love, LOVE them.  I was about to purchase a Jambox, which everyone said is great, but heck. At the oontz price I was willing to trust the reviews.  Worst case, I could give it to my underemployed recent college grad or her sister, the senior.  Well, it was too bad for them.   I loved it and bought two more. All for me!  The holidays are soon upon us, though, and Cambridge is running a volume purchase sale. We’ll see…”

-J.C., Minneapolis, MN

My only criticism was the look of the Oontz logo on top of the speaker, which I thought was a bit cartoony and seemed out of place on such a high quality product. See the original look below.

I thought it very minor and hardly a big deal, but Cambridge SoundWorks was listening and they changed the logo.  Wow.  That is some fast action!  See the new look below:

Here is the new logo on the Oontz Angle:


Very nice, don’t you think?  I was caught off guard when they told me they took my suggestion to heart so quickly, and am impressed that they did and in the process came up with such a nice visual improvement.

If you have not heard about The Oontz, let me tell you, it is something special.  For only $69 it offers phenomenal sound, plays quite loudly, and makes a great speakerphone.  I recently demo’d it for a friend who works at The Apple Store.  She was going to but the $179 Jambox for her son for Christmas.  (They sell The Jambox where she works.)  When she heard The Oontz she thought it clearly sounded better, and for about a third of the price.  I am not usually a big devotee’ of portable audio products and tend to like my gear full-sized.  The Oontz has won me over, and that is saying a lot!

See it at www.theoontz.com. Want to try it? Trust me, you will be glad you did… you can order from Amazon below, and ordering from my Amazon links supports my site as well.

The Oontz has more bass and plays louder than the Oontz Angle, and battery life is 10 hours.  The Oontz Angle is smaller, lighter and features 20 hours of battery life.    Get the Oontz for the best sound, get the Angle if portability and battery life are of paramount importance.  I prefer the Oontz but the Angle sounds  very good as well.

The Oontz on Amazon:

Oontz Angle at Amazon:

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Ohm Acoustics Black Friday Sale

Regular readers know I am a big fan of the Ohm Acoustics Walsh Speakers. They have a special Black Friday sale coming up so if you have been thinking of giving their speakers a try it would be a good time to check them out.

Visit their site at www.ohmspeakers.com.

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Polk LSi series speakers: now a high-end bargain

Polk Audio LSi9 Speakers in Cherry Finish

Tell A Friend!

Polk Audio’s wonderful LSi series are being phased out with the introduction of the new, improved and more expensive LSiM series.  If you have ever wanted speakers with true high-end looks, feel and sound but have thought they were priced out of reach, this could be your chance. Here is what I wrote about the Polk Audio LSi9 in a previous blog post:

“When the LSi series was announced and touted to be a genuine competitor to high-end brands, there was a bit of skepticism.  Polk Audio was recognized as a quality speaker brand that mainly served the mass market, not a truly high-end manufacturer.  However, Polk Audio is also run by audiophiles and after decades of success was a large, well-funded company with a lot of resources, resources few if any high-end manufacturers (which tend to be small companies) can match. The resulting LSi series made believers out of everyone from the moment they heard them play.

The LSi9 has a sound that can be described as sweet, rich, delicated, with a wide tonal palette, yet extremely accurate.  I’ve compared them to speakers costing many times the LSi9?s $995/pair asking price and never come away feeling let down.  They really are that good!  While they lack the imaging and spatial qualities of the Ohm MicroWalsh Tall, my absolute favorite $995/pair speaker, I think the LSi9 has a slightly more full sound.  I can’t think of any other two speakers selling for under $1,000 that I would rather listen to than the LSi9 and the MicroWalsh Tall.”

Read the whole post here.

Polk Audio LSi15 Speakers in Ebony Finish

The closeout deals are showing the LSi speakers to be selling at around 50% of retail. I never thought I would ever see a deal like this on such a high quality speaker.  Here is what a reader who recently ordered them on my recommendation had to say:

“I am listening to them right now! They got here in two days! I am listening to Supernatural by Santana, and just finished with Two Against Nature by Steele Dan. If they sound this good out of the box!? Boy I can not wait till they are broken in! My wife whom says she is OK with a boom box, came in and said these sound so much better than the old ones. I am still a Cherry wood (we have Brazilian cherry floors) fan, but she is real happy with the Ebony finish. To me it is more about the sound, so if she likes the other finish, I will just have to suffer. They do look good I will admit.”

Check ’em out, and if you order please note they are 4-ohm speakers and need a beefy amp… the more powerful, the better.

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Polk Audio LSi7: smallest LSi speaker. MSRP $799 closeout prices $399 to $425

Polk Audio LSi7 speakers

Polk Audio LSi9: hefty stand-mounted speaker, one of my all-time favorites! MSRP $999, closeout prices $499 to $599

Polk Audio LSi9 speakers

Polk Audio LSi15: tower speaker with side-firing, unpowered woofers. MSRP $1,799 per pair, closeut $900 to $1,000 per pair.

Polk Audio LSi15 speakers

Polk Audio LSi25: tower speakers with side-firing powered subwoofers. Top of the line! MSRP $2,799 per pair, closeout price $1,200-$1,300 per pair

Polk Audio LSi25 speakers