Product of the Day, Day 16: Newertech miniStack External Hard Drive/Hub


Newertech Ministack

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An external hard drive is one of the most useful computer accessories you can have, especially if you store a lot of music, pictures and videos.  My favorite is definitely the Newertech miniStack.  Originally designed to be used with the Mac Mini, it works great with most any other computer as well.

The miniStack is the same shape and size as a Mac Mini, and can be stacked with one.  Hence the name miniStack.  The rest of this Product of the Day post will focus on the less obvious!


Rear view of the miniStack

Like most great ideas, what makes the miniStack special is a simple idea, flawlessly executed.  The miniStack incorporates hubs for USB and FireWire, making it perfect to expand the capabilities of the Mac Mini it is stacked with. Though it isn’t quite as neat and tidy of an installation when used with different computers, you can’t have too many ports so if you need an external hard drive a miniStack definitely belongs on your shopping list.

You can find a list of vendors selling the miniStack on Newertech’s website.  If you are a Mac aficionado (and I know, and have created, a few) the best place to buy one is from Other World Computing.  Last time I bought one their miniStacks it came loaded with useful free Mac utilities and Quicktime movies of classic Apple advertisements as a bonus.

Have a great Saturday and see you Sunday for the Product of the Day!

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