Speakers from The Speaker Company: The new budget buy?


Professional Boxes and Packaging- it’s nice to see and shows this is a serious effort!

Over the past year I’ve been recommending the Insignia NS-B2111 speakers to readers who want great sound but who are on an extremely limited budget. The big drawback to the NS-B2111s is there is no matching center channel, making them best suited to stereo use. You can use another NS-B2111 as a center if you want, but the form factor isn’t quite right and a lot of readers have asked me to recommend a center channel to go with them. Without an exact match, results are not optimum… though at the Insignia’s $90 price point, people usually aren’t too picky, nor can they be!

I want EVERYONE to have great sound in their homes… audio is one of my passions and I love finding exceptional buys so no one is left out, even if they don’t have a lot of money to spend. Plenty of us have no problem dropping big bucks on gear, but we are the exception and not the rule. There are plenty of others who want a nice-sounding system they can enjoy and be proud of, but want a painless, affordable option to get them there.


The Speaker Company P6 Bookshelf Speakers: $89.97, Free Shipping

Enter The Speaker Company

Online vendor The Speaker Company seems to be founded with this thought in mind. The Speaker Company has a full array of speakers from in-wall and ceiling speakers to surround systems. All are affordably priced… their mission is good quality speakers that don’t cost a fortune, and they know it. The ad copy on their site reflects this… for example:

Here’s a low-cost sonic solution for anyone looking for a front channel (LCR) speaker array. No, the A5-LCR probably won’t turn your life around but it will let you listen to your favorite video sources without putting that mortgage payment off for another month.”

Want a front channel home theater speaker array that will stand up to the demands of even “over-the-top” soundtracks? TSC’s LCR-3 system combines three identical speakers with the proven technology of soft-dome tweeters and multiple polypropylene woofers. The result? Sound that will draw you into the middle of any movie at a price that won’t keep you up nights – unless you’re already watching, of course! “


P6 with Matching Center Channel

Complete Surround Set for $210, 5-Year Warranty

I was recently contacted by the Speaker Company’s GM, Nick Valente. He wanted me to give the $90 P6s a listen, and after further discussion he decided to send me a full set… the LCR-2 left/center/right set based on the P6, and the P5 bookshelf speakers for surrounds. The five speakers come to $210, all you need is a subwoofer for a complete home theater set. If the sound quality is comparable to the Insignias then these will be an even easier recommend because you can get a matching center channel to complete the system. Not to mention the warranty… Insignia is 90 days, The Speaker Company’s is FIVE YEARS. That’s major manufacturer territory and clearly sets them apart from other budget products, where you are lucky to get even a year.

30 Day Trial, They Pay the Return Shipping… You Can’t Lose

You get a 30 day trial period and if unhappy, The Speaker Company will pay for the return shipping. They ship them to you for free, too. You literally can’t lose for giving them a try. That shows a lot of confidence in their product.


Rear of Center Channel, with Port and Binding Posts

Initial Impressions

The speakers are well finished, if plain. I haven’t hooked them up yet but the cabinets are much more rigid than the NS-B2111s. One of my criticisms of the Insignias was the cabinets resonate if you push them too hard. I don’t think that will be a problem here as they are solid as a rock. The Insignias look nicer with their curved cabinets and glossy fronts, and the coaxial carbon fiber driver looks a bit higher-tech and is known to perform. The proof is in the listening though and so far the P6 has been favorably received online. I don’t think they are going to displace any higher-end makes, and those with the budget will be better off looking upmarket when building their dream system. Those without such a budget could find these speakers to be a dream come true, though!

I’ll have listening impressions in a few days and will be mentioning these on this site as well as on my column, so stop back soon for more on this promising product line.


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