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A lot of my regular readers know I am fed up with the “1080p Full HD” and “1080p True HD” baloney foisted on us by the electronics companies and retailers. It leads many to believe that anything less than 1080p is not high definition, and lately I’ve seen posts on A/V message boards proclaiming the same thing. The enthusiasts posting on those sites should know better, and they are either deliberately playing the fool or are extremely stupid.

So, I will say it again… 1080i is full/true high definition and 720p is full/true high definition…. no less. In fact, no one is currently broadcasting a 1080p signal at all! Here is how they stack up:

720p broadcasts= ABC, FOX, ESPN HD, ESPN 2 HD, National Geographic HD

1080i broadcasts=CBS, NBC, PBS, The CW, Comcast Sports HD, Discovery HD, HBO HDTV, HD Net, HD Net Movies, HGTV HD, INHD and INHD 2, MTV-HD, NBA TV, NFL Network HD, OLN HD, Showtime HDTV, Starz HD, TNT-HD, Universal HD, Wealth TV

This doesn’t mean 1080p is worthless. On a big screen, say over 55-60 inches, it can make a difference if done right. My point is- saying that 1080p is “Full HD” or “True HD” infers that anything less is not high definition, and that’s dishonest and wrong.

If you want a neat sticker like you see on the 1080p TVs in the showroom, right click one of the icons above that corresponds to your TV’s resolution… you have a choice of “True HD” or “Full HD”. Save it to your desktop, print it, and stick it on your TV to show the world you have True HD/Full HD too! Also makes a web avatar… fight the disinformation!

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