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Taking better flash pictures

Week of May 21, 2006 Q: I think at times that I need to take a digital camera course. I have been digital for 6 years and recently purchased the Olympus E-500 SLR. I have trouble with all my digital cameras (I also have an Olympus C-770 and SP-350) and most pics with any white […]

External viewfinders for an SLR, HDMI and DVI revisited

Week of May 14, 2006 Q:   I want to buy or make a “gunsight”   viewer to fit on my camera. When taking action photos I find it cumbersome and almost impossible at times to sight through the viewfinder or the LCD screen. I propose to build, if need be, a square wire box […]

Connecting TV to sound system, camera depth-of-field, Picasa problems

Week of September 4, 2005 Q: I have a surround sound receiver with speakers and a 27-inch TV with audio out jacks. How do I get my TV to play through my sound system? Brian Mattice Minneapolis, MN A: It is easy- simply connect the audio outputs to an audio input on the receiver (any […]

Lens flare and lens hoods

Week of August 21, 2005 Q: When taking shots of the moon & sunsets, how can I stop the light reflection of them off the camera lens? The pics show faintly depicted multi moons, and the same for the sun just before sundown. Sometimes the color of the circles will be the coating color on […]

Repair service for digital components, SLR lens quality

Q: I purchased the Panasonic SA-XR25 receiver you recommended and it sounded great but broke out of warranty. I then called a repair shop that Panasonic recommended and they want $65 just to take a look at the receiver. Should I just replace it or do you have any other recommendations? -Jason Gerstenkorn, Wichita, KS […]

Sending sound from computer to sound system, external flash units (highly recommended!)

Q: I would like to send the audio from computer to my receiver so the computer audio will come from my sound system. What do I need to buy and how to connect it? -Kim Gilbert, Wichita, KS A: You need a miniplug to RCA adapter. It is a simple cord with a miniplug jack […]

AMG All Music Guide= song info for Windows Media Player, if I lose camera power do I lose my pictures?

Q: The recent question about importing music for an iPod caught my attention. I do not have a portable music player, but I have the same problem when importing CDs to listen on my computer. I use Windows Media Player and my PC is always connected to the internet via DSL whenever the computer is […]

Ads and adware from GAIN, digital camera display cluttered with text

Week of February 13, 2005 Q: When I surf the web I constantly receive pop-up ads from an outfit called GAIN. Is there any way to get rid of them? -Jackie Cunliffe, Mt. Lebanon, PA A: It sounds like your computer is infected with some unwanted software usually referred to as malware, spyware, or adware. […]

My inkjet prints have different colors than I see on the screen

Week of January 23, 2005 Q: I have been using a Canon Digital Rebel with an Epson Stylus Photo inkjet printer. The printer uses six inks, which I have been told is the minimum needed for accurate color reproduction. Still, my photo prints are extremely color shifted and do not look like my computer monitor. […]

Windows XP: the best tool for organizing your digital photographs, are more than five speakers necessary for good surround sound?

Week of October 3, 2004 Q: I want to organize my digital pictures and I don’t know which program is the “best” for storage and organizing the “albums/files” with Microsoft Windows. What program do you recommend? -Jo Griffith, Savage, MN A: If you are looking to store and organize your pictures, you don’t need a […]

Adjust your camera for better flash pictures

Week of July 18, 2004 Q: I have a Canon S-40 digital camera which I dearly love. While in Brazil, a friend with a Sony digital camera and I were taking the same flash pictures at the same time and distance. Her flash pictures were bright as if taken in day light while mine were […]

Redeye removal, digital home moviemaking, DVD playback is dark/light/dark/light

Week of January 4, 2004 Q: Is there any product that will effectively remove ‘red eye’ from pictures on my computer? -Donald Wallick A: Most image editing programs have a function to remove redeye from your pictures.   When you use the redeye removal tools, use the image zoom feature to make the eyes as […]

Tweaking digital pictures for the best quality

Week of December 21, 2003 Q: In a recent column, you mentioned that with “adjusting the [digital] pictures on your computer, the Digital Rebel can produce professional image quality that exceed 35-millimeter film”.   What are some of these adjustments that should be made? I have Adobe Photoshop Elements…and I’m in the process of learning […]

Cable vs. satellite, making slideshows on disc

 Week of November 23, 2003 Q: What do you know about Comcast’s High Definition cable? Is it true HD, or would I be better off with a satellite dish? Can you run down the pros and cons of cable vs. satellite? -Dan Murray, Moon, PA A: I have seen Comcast’s HDTV on several televisions and […]

Scanner/camera driver conflicts, the mythhical 8mm to VHS adapter

Week of November 16, 2003 Q: I have a three year-old HP printer/scanner/copier. I was recently given a Fuji digital camera and I take lots of photos with it.   The two don’t like each other. The driver from the camera displaces the scanner driver. Four times I have had to go through a dreadful […]

The hazards of re-recording MiniDV tapes, Fuji Frontier Lab Photo Printer

Week of November 2, 2003 Q:   I was recently given a digital camcorder that uses MiniDV tapes.   I use it to videotape my grandchildren and the picture looks beautiful on my big screen TV. I recently used my last MiniDV tape and went to Wal-Mart to buy more.   The salesclerk suggested I […]

Using a lab to make digital photo prints, Canon Digital Rebel recommended

Week of October 26, 2003 Q: I have been printing with a HP 840C printer, using Kodak and HP inkjet photo paper. I have had problems with framed photographs fading within a few months. I am considering putting some photographs up for consignment sale and am not so much concerned about selling them as them […]

Labeling CDs and DVDs, speaker wire

Week 27, 2003 Q) My husband is a musician who has begun selling his CDs over the Internet.   We are making “promotional” quantities, maybe ten at a time and trying to produce high quality CD labels (using Avery stationery products) for these small quantities of CDs. We achieve good results with our H-P black […]

Pictures on videotape, CD and DVD, selecting VCR input for dubbing, Onkyo CD player comments

Week 25, 2007 I am a teacher and have taken a lot of digital camera photographs this year.   I would like to transfer those digital pictures to a VHS tape to play on a VCR at school.   How would I go about doing this?   -Jenny Angelo, Beaumont, Texas A) If you check […]

Matching printers and photo paper, simulated surround sound with only two speakers

Week 17, 2003 Q) I purchased a Canon S830D printer based on your website’s recommendation.   I used the sample pack of 4×6 Canon paper that came with the printer for my first photographic prints and they looked wonderful.   I then tried some Kodak paper I bought along with the printer, and now the […]