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Exclusive! Update on new Arx speakers, coming soon from The Audio Insider

I was always a fan of the Acculine speakers from The Audio Insider, and readers who purchased them upon my recommendation were absolutely delighted.  Understandably, I was disappointed when they were discontinued but was told that something even better was in the works, called Arx. I was promised that Arx speakers would use even better […]

Paradigm Atom Monitor Bookshelf Speakers : Product of the Day 20, 2010

Paradigm Atom Monitor Bookshelf  Speaker The Paradigm Atom Monitor has long been loved by audiophiles for its fine sound and its  affordable price.  I’ve spent a lot of time listening to the Atom Monitor lately and though they sounded good out of the box, after around 30 hours of break-in the sound opened up and […]

NAD PE Amplifiers and Receivers : Product of the Day 16 , 2010

    NAD 7175PE Receiver- playing music as I write this Today’s Product of the Day will take us down Vintage Lane to take a look at some exceptional gear you can buy easily and inexpensively! The NAD PE series of amplifiers, integrated amplifiers and stereo receivers was produced in the late 1980s.  The series […]

Definitive Technology Mythos STS Home Theater Speaker System : Product of the Day 10, 2010

Definitive Technology Mythos ST Home Theater Speaker System  (Mythos STS uses slightly smaller towers) Earlier this week I discussed the Pioneer SC-25 Elite receiver and mentioned what a great match it would be to a Definitive Technology Mythos STS home theater speaker system. I am mentioning this speaker system in next week’s column as well […]

Pioneer Elite SC-25 A/V Receiver : Product of the Day 8, 2010

Pioneer Elite SC-25 A/V Receiver Download High-Rez Image I usually recommend a separate amplifier and preamp/processor when people write to me requesting a recommendation for an expensive receiver.  The Pioneer Elite SC-25 is a receiver that gives separates a run for their money, and even offers some clear advantages, especially when compared to budget separates.  […]

so-na-wall Speakers : Product of the Day 4, 2010

so-na-wall Speakers Anyone who has visited my site or read my newspaper column regularly knows what I think of the tiny Bose  Acoustimass cube speakers.  To sum it up, they are horribly designed and executed, have serious sonic defects, and are an extremely poor value  Check out Bose: Better Profits through Marketing to learn the […]

Polk Hitmaster : Product of the Day 2, 2010

The Polk Hitmaster… playing greatest hits at a living room near you! The Polk Hitmaster is one of those products that makes you think, “Why didn’t I think of that?” The Polk Hitmaster AM2555-A looks like a miniature version of the stage monitors used by rock bands.  It is meant to be used by gamers […]

The Speaker Company- closing up shop

I received an email from a reader regarding The Speaker Company and a rumor they were closing up the business.  I was able to reach a source inside D&M Holdings, parent of The Speaker Company…  they are indeed closing up shop after this year.  He said the timing was bad, trying to start a new […]

Holiday Clearance Sale at The Speaker Company

The Speaker Company TST Tower Speakers The holiday deals are continuing to spring up.  I received the following from The Speaker Company today.  Looks like you can save big starting Thursday at 12:01 am.  Best to get in line early because I doubt much will be left after the weekend. Offering 40% off is quite […]

The Speaker Company 20% off sale extended through November

The Speaker Company TST1 Speakers The Speaker Company has extended their excellent 20% off promotion throughout November… great news for early holiday shoppers or anyone buying speakers.  Get 20% off almost everything at The Speaker Company in October with code Most15 The Speaker Company TSAT1000 Satellite Speakers  As always, the TST towers, TSB bookshelves and […]

Coupon Code for The Speaker Company: Save 20% in October

  The Speaker Company TSAT1000 Speakers  The Speaker Company is having a sale for the month of October.  With the coupon code Most15 you will save 20%!  That makes this one of the most compelling offers for speakers I have seen in a long time.  Even at the regular prices they deliver amazing value with the […]

Product of the Day #42: Ohm Walsh 3000 Speakers

Ohm Walsh 3000 Speakers (new cabinets have rounded corners) Longtime readers of the column and my website know I have long been a fan of Walsh speakers from Ohm Acoustics.  My first pair of high-quality speakers were Ohm Walsh 1s, which I purchased years ago and still have today.   Ohm Walsh 2, Ohm F, […]

Save $30 on Tower Speakers from The Speaker Company, other coupon codes

The Speaker Company TST1 Tower Speakers Myself, as well as many other industry writers, have become big fans of of the T-series (TSB, TST and TSAT) speakers from The Speaker Company, and for a lot of good reasons. They look great, they are beautifully finished, and they sound fantastic- clearly better than most anything selling […]

Product of the Day, Day 40: Speaker Stands from Parts Express

Today’s Product of the Day is more of a blanket recommendation and review than a specific product.  When writing about the Polk LSi9 bookshelf speakers yesterday I mentioned the importance of speaker stands.  No matter what speaker you use, from the Insignia NS-B2111 to the Polk LSi9, good speaker stands will make a noticeable improvement […]

Product of the Day, Day 39: Polk LSi9 Bookshelf Speakers

Polk LSi9 Speakers, Genuine Cherry Wood Finish When it comes to just plain beautiful sound, it is hard to beat Polk’s LSi series of speakers, and the bookshelf Polk Audio LSi9 is probably the best of the whole series.

Product of the Day, Day 29: Axiom Audio M2v2 Bookshelf Speakers

  Axiom Audio M2v2 Axiom Audio is a direct sales speaker manufacturer in Dwight, Ontario, Canada.  They are an engineering-driven company and take a scientific approach to speaker design.  They’ve won many industry awards as well as allocades from customers and the advent of the Internet has driven tremendous growth for them as word has […]

Product of the Day, Day 26: Sherwood Newcastle R-972 Home Theater Receiver

  Sherwood Newcastle R-972 972 Home Theater Receiver Most consumers think of Onkyo, Denon, Pioneer, Sony and a few other household names when they are looking for a receiver.  There are some very compelling choices available from other brands, and one of the most beautiful, most appealing receives I have ever seen is the soon-to-be-released  Sherwood Newcastle […]

Product of the Day, Day 19: Denon S-32 Networked Audio System

  Denon S-32 Networked Audio System The Denon S-32 is a premium table radio ideally suited to those who like to enjoy music from online  and computer-based sources.  It’s a bit pricey at a suggested retail price of $499 but unlikely to disappoint those willing to pay the asking price.

Product of the Day, Day 18: Dayton SUB-100 10″ 125 Watt Powered Subwoofer

Dayton 10″ Powered Subwoofer For quite a while there was only one budget subwoofer that was a resounding recommendation and a clear standout, the Dayton SUB-100 from Parts Express. Though there is another compelling choice now, the Dayton definitely deserves to be on your shopping list.

Product of the Day, Day 15: Polk Audio SurroundBar

Polk Audio SurroundBar The Definitive Technology Mythos SSA surroundbar has been getting most of the press around here lately, because #1 it is the best product of its type and #2 I used it in my tutorial Setting Up a SurroundBar Home Theater System.  It’s important we not forget the Polk Audio Surroundbar, though, as […]