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Still frame grabs from a camcorder, Cambridge SoundWorks Radio CD 740: sounds better than Bose Radio, less expensive too!

Q: I have a new digital camcorder that takes video on tape and still pictures on a memory card. The videos look great but the still pictures are very fuzzy. Am I doing anything wrong? -George Malloy, Bloomfield, PA A: Probably not. Digital camcorders make great videos, but the still pictures they create are not […]

Converting Hi8 (and other) videotapes to DVD

Week of April 17, 2005 Q: I have a Hi8 camcorder that is getting old and I would like to convert the Hi8 tapes to DVD. How do I do it, is it difficult, and any recommendations on what to buy? -Susie Rosenberg, O’Hara Township,PA A: The cable used to connect your camcorder to a […]

MiniDV vs. DVD camcorders, DVD movie aspect ratios

Week of June 6, 2004 Q: Which is a better camcorder format-Mini DV tape or the new recordable DVD?   I realize the MiniDV camcorders are lighter in weight, making it easier to travel with.     But is the media in a MiniDV easy to use as far as transferring video to a DVD? […]

Redeye removal, digital home moviemaking, DVD playback is dark/light/dark/light

Week of January 4, 2004 Q: Is there any product that will effectively remove ‘red eye’ from pictures on my computer? -Donald Wallick A: Most image editing programs have a function to remove redeye from your pictures.   When you use the redeye removal tools, use the image zoom feature to make the eyes as […]

Scanner/camera driver conflicts, the mythhical 8mm to VHS adapter

Week of November 16, 2003 Q: I have a three year-old HP printer/scanner/copier. I was recently given a Fuji digital camera and I take lots of photos with it.   The two don’t like each other. The driver from the camera displaces the scanner driver. Four times I have had to go through a dreadful […]

The hazards of re-recording MiniDV tapes, Fuji Frontier Lab Photo Printer

Week of November 2, 2003 Q:   I was recently given a digital camcorder that uses MiniDV tapes.   I use it to videotape my grandchildren and the picture looks beautiful on my big screen TV. I recently used my last MiniDV tape and went to Wal-Mart to buy more.   The salesclerk suggested I […]

Connecting analog camcorder to computer, home theater systems and music reproduction, auto-loading photo scanner from HP

Week 30, 2003 Q:     I bought a Canon ES75 Hi8 camcorder.   The guy who sold it to me said it could be hooked up to the PC so I can download, edit, and make my own videos. I haven’t seen this anywhere else. Can it be hooked up to the PC?   […]

Speaker break-in, converting 8mm film to videotape

Week 26, 2003 Q) I am in a bit of a quandary with my new speakers.   I did my research on the web for a set of bookshelf speakers in the $250 – $300 per pair price range.   I listened to them at the store yesterday and they sounded great.   Now that […]

Small camcorders performing poorly in low light, Superbit DVDs

Week 10, 2003 Q) I purchased a very small Sony MiniDV digital camcorder (around $1,000) to make videos of my one year-old son.   I have not had it long but my results are a very mixed bag.   My videos outside look absolutely beautiful, like watching a   regular channel on TV; my videos […]

Eliminating AOL pop-up ads, 8mm-VHS tape converter

 Original publication July 18, 2002    Q:   I use AOL for my internet service and I am constantly hit with annoying ads that pop up almost every time I sign on. Is there any way I can get rid of them? -Eric Abati, South Hills A:   You can easily eliminate the pop-up ads. […]

Home Moviemaking in the Digital Age

My very first newspaper column- published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on July 4, 2002!   I planned on a Q&A column, but the first one had to be a feature to introduce myself and ask that questions be sent in, which I did in the footer. Home Moviemaking in the Digital Age Digital camcorders and […]