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Adding Audio/Video Inputs to an Existing System, DirecTV and HDTV, Zenith Silver Sensor Antenna

Published Nov. 16, 2002   Q)   My stereo system is already connected to my DVD player. I’d like to have stereo sound from my TV even when I’m not playing DVD’s. I have a digital cable box, a VCR, a TV with loads of inputs, but my stereo only has the two jacks and […]

Grabbing Video Frames to Make Prints, Fuji Frontier Printer

Published October 26, 2002  Q.:  A friend just died.   His mom commented that she has no recent pictures of him.   I have VHS-C video of him driving our boat and would like to “grab a frame” of the video and print it as a 5X7 for her.   I purchased a Pinnacle Linx […]

Some Myths and Misconceptions in Audio and Video

Published September 28, 2002  Some Myths and Misconceptions in Audio and Video Myth:   My TV came with the color temperature setting on “cool” and the contrast (called “picture” by some manufacturers such as Panasonic and Sony) at the maximum setting.   Since this is the way it came, it must be the correct setting. […]

Viewing Digital Pictures on a TV, Monitor/Print Matching

Original publication September 14, 2002  Q. I need to transfer my 35-mm slides to either CD or DVD and be able to view them on an analog TV set (eventually on a digital set). Can you tell me what apparatus is necessary for 1) copying and 2) converting to the NTSC video signal?   Kodak […]

Scanning Old Photographs

Original  publication September 7, 2002    Q.     My parents recently passed away, and we’ve inherited eight photo albums, we would like to digitize and share (via CD’s).   Most of the photos are old roughly 4×6 black and whites.   We would like to systematically record the photos and maybe include some date […]

Converting LPs to CDs and MP3

Original publication August  31, 2002 Q.   There is a whole bunch of folks who have LP’s that they would like to transfer onto new formats like MP3 or hard drives.  They also have VHS video of their families that is starting to degrade due to its age.  How can we convert VHS to DVD, […]