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Digital TV service and HDTV, standard programming picture quality on HDTVs, surround sound system hissing

Week of August 8, 2004 Q: I am considering purchasing a wide screen HDTV-ready television. I have standard cable with some premium channels. My questions is this, if I don’t subscribe to the cable company’s digital service will the shows that say they are broadcast in HDTV come through in digital format? I can’t afford […]

MiniDV vs. DVD camcorders, DVD movie aspect ratios

Week of June 6, 2004 Q: Which is a better camcorder format-Mini DV tape or the new recordable DVD?   I realize the MiniDV camcorders are lighter in weight, making it easier to travel with.     But is the media in a MiniDV easy to use as far as transferring video to a DVD? […]

Kodak digital cameras vs. others, digital cable company ratings

 Week of May 16, 2004 Q: Did you recently write a review about a Kodak digital camera saying it was very good for the money? Dick Smollen, Minneapolis, MN A: No, that was not me. My own tests and reviews I have read tell me that Kodak’s EasyShare cameras are good, but just a bit […]

Cable vs. satellite, making slideshows on disc

 Week of November 23, 2003 Q: What do you know about Comcast’s High Definition cable? Is it true HD, or would I be better off with a satellite dish? Can you run down the pros and cons of cable vs. satellite? -Dan Murray, Moon, PA A: I have seen Comcast’s HDTV on several televisions and […]

Setting your TV’s picture settings, new DVR from Dish Network

Week of September 28, 2003 Q:   I’m pretty new to this HDTV world and need serious help.   I just got a Mitsubishi rear projection HDTV and want to get the best picture possible.   What is the best way to tweak the picture on a television set?  Is the Avia setup DVD any […]

Varying picture quality between cable companies, “Theater” picture setting on Toshiba TV

Q:     I am hearing that a DirecTV HDTV signal is far superior to a HDTV signal from my cable company.  Is this true? My cable company is now offering HDTV through its digital service but I understand that this is sometimes a very soft signal. Garbage in and garbage out really has never […]

Getting the most from a shelf system, different video quality from channel to channel

Week 35, 2003 Q:     I have a Sony combination tuner, tape and CD stereo system that is about 13 years old.   It has always worked fine, but now the CD player does not work.  I suspect having it professionally repaired now would cost more than the whole system originally cost.   Any […]

Analog and digital TV channels explained, yet more Advent TV problems!

Week 33, 2003 Q:     In your most recent column, you said, “Visit your retailer and have them connect the projection HDTV you are considering to a satellite service delivering analog channels.” How do I do that?  Aren’t all satellite channels digital?  That’s what the ads say.  Which ones are not? -Gordon Walter, Iowa […]

HDTV and analog signals, converter boxes

Week 31, 2003   Q:     I would like to purchase a big screen TV between 36 and 46 inches.  HDTV projection TV seemed like the way to go.    Then a friend of mine purchased a Hitachi   43-inch HDTV projection TV.  While DVDs look amazing, his analog cable looks terrible. I guess […]

Cable TV and front projection, Sima Copy Kit, printers and documents

Week 29, 2003   Q:     Can you hook up cable television through a front projector?     If so, is there anything special needed for the hookup? -Sam Mursau, Appleton, Wisconsin A:   You can use cable television with a front projector, but you cannot connect a front projector directly to the cable […]

Surround-sound modes, Comcast comes to Pittsburgh

Week 12, 2003  Q)   I have an Onkyo surround sound system.  I would like to have all my speakers playing when I am not playing DVDs.   How do I accomplish this? -Dorothy A)   For playing music from CDs, cassette tapes, and radio stations,, check the surround modes on your receiver.  If you […]

Buzzing on certain channels, how digital cable works

Week 6, 2003 Q) We have digital cable.   Lately we have noticed a buzzing sound on the lowest channels.   When we go to the higher channels, it disappears.   The situation is the same for both of our TVs.   Why would this happen?   It does not make any sense.     […]

Making a Slideshow on Videotape, Surround Sound and Cable, DLP vs. LCD

Week 3, 2003 Q: I have a digital camera and would like to make slide shows on videotape.   Is it possible to do this? -Jan Kovac, Sewickley A: You can transfer still pictures from your camera to videotape, though they will not look as good as when displayed directly from your camera.   Take […]

Widescreen and Standard TV Format Mismatch, Side Bars (Pillarboxing) and Bottom Bars (Letterboxing)

Published December 7, 2002   Q: My husband and I want a 48 inch television. We have been told so many different things by salesmen we are totally confused. We were told that if we buy the 48″ regular screen HDTV there will be black bands at the top and bottom when everyone goes all […]

Digital SLRs, Over-the-Air HDTV Reception

Published November 2, 2002   Q:  I want to get a digital camera, but I want one like my friend’s old Canon F-1 where you look through the lens and adjust everything yourself.   Do they make them like that? -Mitch Bell A:  What you are referring to is a single lens reflex (SLR) camera. […]

TV Broadcasts and Surround Sound, Cable TV Comments

Published October 19, 2002   Q:   My TV uses digital cable.   I run the signal through my VCR and my surround sound set up (Denon amplifier and Cerwin Vega speakers).  With the exception of the VCR, which is new, all the other gear is about 12 years old. I only have surround sound […]

Recording from a Cable Box to a VCR

Published October 12, 2002   Q: I have AT&T digital cable. I am unable to tape [vhs] from it     I called and was told I cannot tape digital without a digital VCR.   I also was told I could not tape by pre setting the time & channel but only when I was […]

Digital Cable, Digital Satellite and HDTV, Dolby Pro-Logic and Dolby Digital

Published October 5, 2002 Q: I just got a new high definition big screen TV.   Now that it is hooked up at home, it doesn’t look good at all.   It looked great in the store.   I use digital cable.   Won’t that give me a picture that is digital quality? A:   […]