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Sound Advice Column: Plasma vs. LCD TVs, 120 Hz technology

JVC LCD HDTV with 120Hz technology Sound Advice By Don Lindich Week 4, 2008 Q: I am in the market for a 42-46 inch HDTV. A friend just purchased a 50-inch plasma and is complaining about blurred movement when watching sports. We will use our TV to watch lots of sports as well. Should I […]

Echostar (Dish Network) TR-40 Converter Box gets a new look

Echostar TR-40 Digital TV Converter Box- free with government coupon The TR-40 digital converter box from Echostar (also known as Dish Network) has a new look! My Echostar media contact, Francie Bauer, sent me the image posted above. The TR-40 will be 40%-60% smaller than the original design, shown below. Thanks, Francie!   Original Dish […]

Don’s Dealfinder: Toshiba 40RF350U Super Narrow Bezel LCD TV 40″ 1080p $1099.99 (Save $800)

  Toshiba 40RF350U Super Narrow Bezel 1080p LCD HDTV Tiger Direct has the top-performing Toshiba 40RF350U 40-inch LCD HDTV on sale for only $1099, an $800 savings.  Not only are these fantastic TVs with a beautiful picture, the narrow bezel allows it to fit in spaces that will typically only hold a 37″ TV.  The […]

Don’s Dealfinder: Samsung DLP TVs, up tp $900 off, delivery included

Samsung DLP TVs are some of the best rear projection sets on the market.  If you want a big screen size, rear projection is far less expensive than flat panel LCD and plasma sets and the projected images often have a sense of depth that flat panels have a hard time duplicating.  One Call has […]

Don’s Dealfinder: Sony KDL-40V3000 40 inch 1080p LCD TV, save $700

Sony KDL-40V3000  One Call, one of the best online retailers, has the 40 inch Sony KDL-40V3000 1080p LCD TV for only $1399.77, which is $700 off of MSRP. If you love the beautiful picture of a Sony TV and need something around 40 inches, check this one out. Sony KDL-40V3000 at One Call

Free Dish Network TR-40 digital TV converter box available in June

Dish Network has announced their free digital TV converter box, the TR-40, will be available in June.  In February 2009 all analog TV broadcasts in the USA will cease and without a converter box, analog TVs will be unable to receive any stations.  The government is now issuing $40 coupons good towards the purchase of a […]

CES 2008: Legend Silicon

My first meeting  of day 2  was with Legend Silicon at a hotel suite.   You probably haven’t heard of Legend Silicon before, but they are incredibly important to the most populated country in the world- China.   Legend Silicon helped develop the digital television technology used in China and developed innovative circuitry regarding mobile […]

Reader comment regarding the 42HL167, and my response

Gotta hand it to my readers, they don’t miss much!   Soon after posting the 42HL167 deal, I received this email: Don, I am a little confused.  A while back you stated that 1080p was pretty much meaningless and now here you are recommending the Toshiba 1080p 42″ for $999.  Did something change other than […]

Don’s Dealfinder: Toshiba 42″ 1080p LCD HDTV: was $1,699, now $999!

Toshiba 42HL167 This deal is an absolute stunner! has the top-rated Toshiba 42HL167 1080p LCD HDTV for only $999, greatly reduced from the MSRP of $1,699.   If you’ve seen the HD DVD endcap display at Best Buy, this is the TV they most commonly use to show off the format, and for […]

Using older lenses on a digital SLR, don’t get ripped off when buying HDMI cables

Sound Advice By Don Lindich Week 42, 2007 Q: I have a Minolta Maxxum 7000i 35mm camera with a Tokina AF 35-200mm lens. Since buying a digital camera several years ago, I have not used this film camera. I was thinking of selling it on eBay and getting a digital SLR, but a  friend said […]

Sound differences between HD and regular channels, using an indoor antenna to get HDTV

Sound Advice By Don Lindich Week 41, 2007 Q:   I  recently purchased a new Phillips 47″ LCD TV from Costco and  had their installation service install it.    I have an HD DVR converter box from Comcast and everything is connected with new HDMI cables.   I love it except there is  a very […]

Don’s Dealfinder: Oppo DV-970HD Universal DVD player, $119 Refurbished

Oppo DV-970HD Upconverting DVD player with SACD/DVD-Audio   Oppo’s upconverting DVD players are some of the finest available at any price, with top-notch picture and sound. They even include an HDMI cable! I could ramble on but so much has been said about Oppo’s players and the company’s outstanding customer service, no more needs to […]

Get Full/True HD stickers for your TV here!

A lot of my regular readers know I am fed up with the “1080p Full HD” and “1080p True HD” baloney foisted on us by the electronics companies and retailers. It leads many to believe that anything less than 1080p is not high definition, and lately I’ve seen posts on A/V message boards proclaiming the […]

DVD/VCR combo a decent stopgap as you await HDTV

Sound Advice By Don Lindich Week 34, 2007 Q: I made the mistake of buying an LCD TV that requires a cable or satellite box. The TV is not returnable. The store’s tech guy said I can use a VCR to watch the TV. I don’t even own a VCR anymore. What’s your advice? GEORGE […]

Old films can look great in HD format

Sound Advice By Don Lindich Week 32, 2007 Q: I’m trying to figure out if it’s still too early to buy an HD DVD player. There are a number of DVDs available in HD format, but I suspect that the vast majority of them were filmed with non-HD cameras and converted to HD. Do you […]

Proper speaker placement when wall-mounting, using more than one HDMI source

Sound Advice By Don Lindich Week 24, 2007 Q: When we bought our home, it came with wires sticking out of the wall at about seven feet high for small speakers that were part of a home entertainment system. We would like to add speakers in that location. Do you have any suggestions as to […]

HD DVD vs. Blu-ray (revisited), 1080i vs. 1080p on a 46″ screen

Sound Advice By Don Lindich Week 22, 2007 Q: I have a 46 inch Mitsubishi 1080 HDTV an need a new DVD player. Should I get HD DVD or Blu-ray? If Blu-ray, which one should I get, and why? If HD DVD, the Toshiba HD-A2 or HD-A20 and why? -Al Szczepanski , Minneapolis, MN A: […]

1080P HDTV: I told you so

In a few recent columns I have stated my opinion that unless you have a video projector with a large screen, 1080p is a pretty meaningless specification and most viewers won’t be able to tell the difference compared to 720p or 1080i HDTVs.     If I could have chosen the column’s headline (I do […]

Changing sound level with HDTV vs. satellite, 35mm slides to CD/DVD

Sound Advice By Don Lindich Week 15, 2007 Q: We recently purchased our first HDTV. I haven’t converted my satellite to HD yet, but watch the local channels in HD via your recommended Phillips Silver Sensor antenna. I route all sound through the TV back to my old receiver and listen in simple ol’ Pro-Logic […]

DLP vs. LCD and plasma, analog TV cut-off, 1080p broadcasts

 Sound Advice By Don Lindich Week 5, 2007 Q: My first question is, how do DLP TV’s rate against LCD and plasma? My second question regards the lock cable has on digital TV. When the change is implemented and analog is gone, will you be able to receive digital channels directly on your digital TV […]