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Converting VHS to Digital Video, TV Bars Revisited, Displaying Digital Pictures with a DVD Player

Week 4, 2003    Q) I have a PC with an ATI Fury Xpert 2000 card, Windows XP, 512MB of RAM, and a 1.7Ghz processor. I would like to record my VHS video to avi files.   Surely this is possible? -Terry A) Yes, it is possible, but you need a way to import your […]

Making a Slideshow on Videotape, Surround Sound and Cable, DLP vs. LCD

Week 3, 2003 Q: I have a digital camera and would like to make slide shows on videotape.   Is it possible to do this? -Jan Kovac, Sewickley A: You can transfer still pictures from your camera to videotape, though they will not look as good as when displayed directly from your camera.   Take […]

Adding Audio/Video Inputs to an Existing System, DirecTV and HDTV, Zenith Silver Sensor Antenna

Published Nov. 16, 2002   Q)   My stereo system is already connected to my DVD player. I’d like to have stereo sound from my TV even when I’m not playing DVD’s. I have a digital cable box, a VCR, a TV with loads of inputs, but my stereo only has the two jacks and […]

Grabbing Video Frames to Make Prints, Fuji Frontier Printer

Published October 26, 2002  Q.:  A friend just died.   His mom commented that she has no recent pictures of him.   I have VHS-C video of him driving our boat and would like to “grab a frame” of the video and print it as a 5X7 for her.   I purchased a Pinnacle Linx […]

Recording from a Cable Box to a VCR

Published October 12, 2002   Q: I have AT&T digital cable. I am unable to tape [vhs] from it     I called and was told I cannot tape digital without a digital VCR.   I also was told I could not tape by pre setting the time & channel but only when I was […]

Eliminating AOL pop-up ads, 8mm-VHS tape converter

 Original publication July 18, 2002    Q:   I use AOL for my internet service and I am constantly hit with annoying ads that pop up almost every time I sign on. Is there any way I can get rid of them? -Eric Abati, South Hills A:   You can easily eliminate the pop-up ads. […]