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Cable TV and front projection, Sima Copy Kit, printers and documents

Week 29, 2003   Q:     Can you hook up cable television through a front projector?     If so, is there anything special needed for the hookup? -Sam Mursau, Appleton, Wisconsin A:   You can use cable television with a front projector, but you cannot connect a front projector directly to the cable […]

Speaker break-in, converting 8mm film to videotape

Week 26, 2003 Q) I am in a bit of a quandary with my new speakers.   I did my research on the web for a set of bookshelf speakers in the $250 – $300 per pair price range.   I listened to them at the store yesterday and they sounded great.   Now that […]

Pictures on videotape, CD and DVD, selecting VCR input for dubbing, Onkyo CD player comments

Week 25, 2007 I am a teacher and have taken a lot of digital camera photographs this year.   I would like to transfer those digital pictures to a VHS tape to play on a VCR at school.   How would I go about doing this?   -Jenny Angelo, Beaumont, Texas A) If you check […]

Repairing a vintage NAD CD player, DVD player won’t play burned CDs

Week 14, 2003  Q) I have an NAD CD player that I purchased along with an NAD receiver about ten years ago, and it sounds great.   Now the CD player needs repaired and I am having trouble finding a place to get it fixed.   Can you recommend a repair station? -Mike Medwig, Greentree […]

Videotapes and fading with age

Week 7, 2003 Q)   I have been wondering for some time about the impact of time on my recorded VHS tapes and have been unable to receive a reliable answer.  Some sources say the tapes decay with time, and some are more equivocal.  There are several aspects to this problem; such as, do the […]

Grabbing Video Frames to Make Prints, Fuji Frontier Printer

Published October 26, 2002  Q.:  A friend just died.   His mom commented that she has no recent pictures of him.   I have VHS-C video of him driving our boat and would like to “grab a frame” of the video and print it as a 5X7 for her.   I purchased a Pinnacle Linx […]

Home Moviemaking in the Digital Age

My very first newspaper column- published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on July 4, 2002!   I planned on a Q&A column, but the first one had to be a feature to introduce myself and ask that questions be sent in, which I did in the footer. Home Moviemaking in the Digital Age Digital camcorders and […]