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Projection TV convergence and repair

Week 24, 2003 Q) My husband and I “inherited” a big screen projection TV from my in-laws. It is around eight years old and the picture looks good, but it has two problems. First, people and objects have colored fringes or shadows around them, like you are watching a 3-D movie without wearing the special […]

Flat-panel TV reliability

Week 21, 2003   Q) Do you know anything about the reliability of flat-screen TVs?   I am THINKING of getting one. It’s a 20-inch LCD (whatever that means), made by Sharp. The main reason I’m thinking of getting it (not because of what it COSTS) is because it won’t take up much space; my […]

Betamax info and repair

Week 18, 2003 Q) I’m one of the few who still have a Betamax VCR in my possession.  Unfortunately, it is in need of repair.  I called several VCR repair shops, but they all tell me that parts are not available for Beta’s because it is almost 15 years since they were manufactured and any […]

Repairing a vintage NAD CD player, DVD player won’t play burned CDs

Week 14, 2003  Q) I have an NAD CD player that I purchased along with an NAD receiver about ten years ago, and it sounds great.   Now the CD player needs repaired and I am having trouble finding a place to get it fixed.   Can you recommend a repair station? -Mike Medwig, Greentree […]

Defective Advent TVs, horrible service at Best Buy, extended warranty sales pressure

Week 13, 2003  Q)   We have an Advent 20″ flat screen tube TV that was purchased from Best Buy.   The TV is not working and is still under warranty, but past the return period.   I went to Best Buy and they want to charge me $25 to get it repaired because we […]