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Insignia NS-B2111 Speakers

Insignia NS-B2111 Product review By Don Lindich It started when my friend Kenny pulled a speaker out of the back seat of his Subaru. It was a nicely finished bookshelf speaker with a curved cabinet finished in black wood. The front face was piano-black and held a carbon fiber 6.5 inch woofer. A soft-dome tweeter […]

Polk i-Sonic Entertainment System

Polk I-Sonic Entertainment System Sound Buys Product Review By Don Lindich Polk Audio’s I-Sonic is the latest and most ambitious entry into the burgeoning premium table radio category, started by the Bose Wave Radio years ago and now occupied with competitors from Cambridge SoundWorks and Boston Acoustics, among others. Other than being a compact system […]

Cambridge Soundworks Radio 705

Cambridge SoundWorks Radio 705 Sound Buys Product review By Don Lindich Over the past few years Cambridge SoundWorks has been responsible for putting a lot of reader mail in my email inbox. Though worded differently in each email, the gist of them all is “Some time ago you wrote about a table radio with a […]

Pentax K100D Digital SLR Camera

  Pentax K100D Digital SLR Camera Sound Buys product review by Don Lindich After college graduation I made my living as a professional photographer, using a Pentax 645 professional roll film camera. What I remember about it was its durabilty, never needing a repair after several years of hard professional use, and especially the gorgeous […]

Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0

Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 Sound Buys review By Don Lindich Though most digital cameras come with a basic digital photograph editing program, I usually recommend that readers interested inadjusting their photographs on a computer invest in a copy of Photoshop Elements and pass up the included software or competing products. The reason is simple- Adobe’s […]

Pro-ject RM-5 Turntable-Record Rennaisance in the iPod Age

  Pro-ject RM-5 turntable system Sound Buys product review by Don Lindich Though many may think turntables have gone the way of the dodo in this digital age of CDs and iPods, nothing could be further than the truth. Did you know that last year more turntables were sold than in 1984, when compact disc […]

Oppo Digital DV-970HD DVD player

  Oppo Digital DV-970HD DVD player Oppo DV-970HD DVD  Player   Sound Buys product review By Don Lindich   Though most consumers are unfamiliar with the name Oppo Digital, chances are you have owned or seen some of Oppo’s cousins in stores around the world. Oppo Digital is a new venture of BBK Electronics, one […]

Mio C310x Portable GPS Navigation System

Mio C310x Portable GPS Navigation System By Don Lindich, McClatchy-Tribune News Service February 5, 2007 Once most drivers have used a GPS navigation system, they don’t want to go back. Besides offering efficient point-to-point navigation and route planning, a GPS will point out restaurants, gas stations, parking areas, entertainment, and other points of interest. One […]

Recommended Digital Camera and Printer Combo

Published Sept. 21, 2002 Q:  I want to surprise my husband for Christmas with a state of the art digital camera and a printer that will print quality photos.   The camera should be simple enough to point and shoot that quick shot, and fine enough to capture sunsets and fireworks.   Is there such […]

Viewing Digital Pictures on a TV, Monitor/Print Matching

Original publication September 14, 2002  Q. I need to transfer my 35-mm slides to either CD or DVD and be able to view them on an analog TV set (eventually on a digital set). Can you tell me what apparatus is necessary for 1) copying and 2) converting to the NTSC video signal?   Kodak […]