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Some Thoughts on Very Small Speakers

This is a re-post from my old site, slightly updated. What I said then still applies today- read, enjoy and learn! Some Thoughts on Very Small Speakers Speaker systems using extremely small satellites with a subwoofer or “bass module” have become quite popular due to their unobtrusive nature, especially when there is a wife to […]

Recommended Products Pages- Recommended Speakers posted, more coming soon!

If you look to the right, you will see “Recommended Speakers” under the Pages category. This is the first of several Recommended Products pages you will see posted in the coming weeks. Upcoming is Recommended Receivers, Recommended DVD Players, Recommended Compact Systems and Radios, Recommended Televisions, Recommended Digital Cameras, and a few others, along with […]

Some neat new stuff is on the way…

I haven’t been posting much the past week or so, and there is a reason for it… I will soon be posting some neat new features I have been working on, as well as some special product reviews. Upcoming product reviews include: Axiom Audio Algonquin Outdoor Speakers Olympus E-510 Digital SLR (2 lens kit) Magnepan […]

Big changes coming to the site soon

Over the next few days The Sound Advice Blog will be getting a new look! Besides making the site easier to navigate, I have some really neat stuff coming online in the next few months which you won’t find anywhere on the web… and all of it unique, very useful, and FREE.   So, if […]

Bose Acoustimass: Better Profits Through Marketing (Link)

  I frequently receive emails   regrading Bose.   These range  from inquiries  about  the potential purchase of a Bose system to  others asking why Bose is disrespected in the audiophile community.   Another common question…  why doesn’t Bose provide specifications when pretty much everyone else does?    Are they  hiding something?   This excellent […]

In praise of Kodak’s P880

Last year I wrote a recommendation for Kodak’s P880 camera after some extensive testing. You can read it at the post linked below: I had been looking for a small camera to use for general purpose shooting and for when I don’t want to drag my SLRs around. I recently found a P880 on […]

Excellent article on compact camera noise and ISO at

Regular readers of my weekly Q&A column have probably seen me mention why more megapixels aren’t always better, mostly because of the problem of noise and its detrimental effect on image quality. The folks at Digital Photography Review just posted this excellent an about high ISO settings and noise in compact cameras. It’s a bit […]

1080P HDTV: I told you so

In a few recent columns I have stated my opinion that unless you have a video projector with a large screen, 1080p is a pretty meaningless specification and most viewers won’t be able to tell the difference compared to 720p or 1080i HDTVs.     If I could have chosen the column’s headline (I do […]

Analog vs. digital sound, Ray Charles vs. David Pogue

Sound Advice By Don Lindich Week 18, 2007 Q: I have many old record albums which I no longer listen to, mainly because I only have the time while driving. Recently I saw an ad for   the Teac model GF350. Is it a worthwhile for transfering my records to CDs?   Is there a […]

Anti-consumer, anti-worker Circuit City…. are they worthy of your support… or survival?

The recent news that Circuit City was going  to undergo a massive layoff simply so they can replace tenured workers with lower-paid ones came as a shock to many, raising voices of disgust over an action that would make frequently-maligned Wal-Mart blush.   Yet this shouldn’t come as a surprise given some of Circuit City’s […]

Olympus’ new E-410 and E-510: looking back to go forward

Two  of the most interesting cameras I saw at the March 2007 PMA (Photo Marketing Association) trade show in Las Vegas were Olympus’ new digital SLRs, the Evolt E-410 and Evolt  E-510.   Their feature sets, combined with the design, reflects where I have long thought Olympus should go with their digital SLR line. You […]

LCD vs. plasma TVs, HDTV standards and 1080p silliness

Sound Advice By Don Lindich Week 2, 2007 Q: What is the difference between LCD and plasma flat-panel TVs? Also, has an HDTV standard for the US been officially adopted? I am thinking about purchasing a new TV set and am not sure whether it’s wise to do now or wait. -Frank Humphries, Minneapolis, MN […]

My poor opinion of Bose speakers (all things Bose, really!) and building a great budget system

Week 49, 2006 Q: I have a new HDTV and DVD player and want to add a home theater audio system, keeping within a budget. I was hoping to get something for about $1000 and was considering the Bose 18 system, but was told from a few people that it is not that good and […]

Circuit City’s bad service

Week of August 6, 2006 Q: I recently went to a Circuit City store to purchase a Toshiba laptop computer that was advertised for only $499.   When I stopped in to buy it, I asked the salesperson if they had it in stock. They checked inventory and told me they had five. I said […]

CD-RW, more on HD DVD vs. Blu-ray

Week of July 23, 2006 Q: I’ve been copying some of my old audio cassette tapes to audio CDs. I’ve had perfect success using CD-R’s, but poor success using CD-RW discs. On playback the CD-RWs will usually give errors (dropouts) and sometimes the CD will actually lock-up a player. In doing some research I found […]

Future format viability and Circuit City’s DIVX bomb

Week or January 22, 2006 Q:   Bill Gates, (and others) have proclaimed that DVDs and CDs are obsolete and will be replaced by hard drive storage and Internet distribution as soon as 2014. Many in the movie, music and computer industries seem to favor a pay-per-use entertainment model in which consumer ownership is replaced […]

Refurbished electronics: a great value, more on high-end audio brand Krell

 Week of September 26, 2004  Q: In shopping for a receiver, I have noticed there are some refurbished products out there at very attractive prices. Is there any reason to avoid these refurbished products? -Adrian Mariano, Bedford, MA A: If a reputable dealer is offering the refurbished products, there is no reason to avoid them. […]

Defective Advent TVs, horrible service at Best Buy, extended warranty sales pressure

Week 13, 2003  Q)   We have an Advent 20″ flat screen tube TV that was purchased from Best Buy.   The TV is not working and is still under warranty, but past the return period.   I went to Best Buy and they want to charge me $25 to get it repaired because we […]

TV Broadcasts and Surround Sound, Cable TV Comments

Published October 19, 2002   Q:   My TV uses digital cable.   I run the signal through my VCR and my surround sound set up (Denon amplifier and Cerwin Vega speakers).  With the exception of the VCR, which is new, all the other gear is about 12 years old. I only have surround sound […]

Should You, “Switch”?

August 10, 2002    Apple Computer’s new “Switch” advertising campaign struck a cord with me.   Over a third of the correspondence I receive is from users frustrated with Windows.   Every time I read an email describing a Windows error message or a computer that acts as if it has a mind of its […]