Blu-ray Review: The Heartbreak Kid


The Heartbreak Kid
Paramount Home Entertainment (Dreamworks)
Blu-ray Disc Review By Jerry Rutledge

In The Heartbreak Kid, Eddie Cantrow (Ben Stiller) is a 40-ish single man who is the manager of a San Francisco sporting goods store. Because he has never made the decision to get married he is the butt of many jokes of his friends. So Eddie makes the brash decision after a six week whirlwind romance to marry the beautiful blond bombshell Lila (Malin Akerman) so she will not be relocated to Holland as part of her job as an environmentalist.

The budding love between Eddie and Lila meets its first frost on their car trip to their honeymoon in Los Cabos – Eddie cannot stand Lila’s incessant singing- the beginning of a complete meltdown in their relationship asLila also becomes the vehicle for much of the Farrelly Brother’s trademark gross physical humor – some of which we can’t discuss on a family website like this!

During his honeymoon,  Eddie meets the sweet Miranda (Michelle Monaghan) who is with her relatives on a yearly outing to Los Cabos. Eddie finally thinks he has found true love.  Whether he can navigate Lila, Miranda’s family, and the other guests at the resort on his way to true love… leads to a lot of laughs, some predictable, not so predictable all the way up to the end.


Extras include an in-picture commentary by the Farrelly Brothers; an autobiographical mini-documentary on the brothers’ movie making process; a short by Ben and Jerry Stiller, the actors who appear as father and son in the movie; deleted scenes and a gag reel.

The Heartbreak Kid is a wildly entertaining, bawdry romantic satire, and if you are a fan of the Farrelly Brothers’ movies you will want it for your collection. However, if you want to own a much lighter, and arguably funnier, comedy you should wait until Fox puts out the Blu-ray version of There’s Something About Mary, the Farrelly Brother’s classic 1998 romantic farce starring Ben Stiller and Cameron Diaz.

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