Blu-ray Review: Drillbit Taylor


Drillbit Taylor
Paramount Home Entertainmeny
Blu-ray Disc Review By Jerry Rutledge

In this comedy, Drillbit Taylor (Owen Wilson) is a beach bum / AWOL ex-marine hired by three nerdy high school kids – skinny Wade (Nate Hartley) fat Ryan (Troy Gentile) and little Emmit (Brad Dorfman) – for protection from borderline psycho school bullies (Alex Frost and Josh Peck).  

At first, Drillbit intends to con the kids for more money.  However, the movie has a heart.  Drillbit, mistaken for a substitute teacher, infiltrates the high school and romances its most eligible teacher (Leslie Mann).  He does this while also managing to teach the kids to defend themselves and dishing out some punishment against the bullies.  This movie delivers plenty of smiles and a few good laughs and is well worth the price of a rental.

The Blu-ray Disc™ is an extended version of the theatrical release of the film with more content added.  Extras include picture commentary, an interview with the writers, deleted and extended scenes, a one-liner and gag real, a clip on directing kid actors, a clip by the school bullies, a clip by one of the other beach bums in the film (played by Danny McBride) and segments focusing on two set pieces in the film – a comic rap off and a water sprinkler disaster.

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