Anthem Front Projection System

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Anthem LTX500 LCoS Video Projector

Paradigm’s high-end electronics line, Anthem, is delving into video display with a pair of re-branded JVC LCoS projectors.  The JVC LCoS front projectors are about the best I have seen and Anthem hopes to bring their customary high level of service with the products.

I saw the LTX500 demonstrated with the Black Diamond Screen from Screen Innovations.  The Black Diamond allows a front projector to throw up a good image even in a well-lit room.  This is a game changer since you usually need total darkness (or close to it) to consider going with a front projection system.  In both a lit room as well as total darkness the LTX500/Black Diamond produced a pinpoint-sharp, colorful and deep image that will make a videophile’s mouth water.  Given the paucity of good TVs over 65″ in size, the Black Diamond gives hope to those of us who like their images really big and really beautiful.

Screen Innovations is not a part of Paradigm, but shares a common investor so the two companies will be teaming up to provide complete front projection systems delivered and installed in white-glove style.  It’s an extremely promising development and at $7,499 for the top of the line LTX500 and $5,499 for the LTX300, quite affordable as high-end video projection goes.  If I was in the market, this is what I would buy.

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