Product of the Day, Day 2: Kodak P880 Digital Camera


My well-traveled, well-used Kodak P880

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The Kodak P880 is a neat little camera introduced in 2006 as part of Kodak’s P-line of advanced digital cameras.  The P880 is long discontinued, but if you can find a used one for under $150 they make a great companion to a digital SLR outfit as well as an excellent primary camera.  The 8.0 megapixel P880 has a unique combination of features you won’t find on any compact camera today.  After reviewing it years ago I went out and bought one myself and still use it today.

The P880 has an electronic viewfinder like a camcorder and a nice-sized rear LCD that gives up some resolution to more recent offerings, but is still workable.  The camera has a 5.8x Schneider zoom lens with a 35mm equivalent range of 24mm-140mm.  The 24mm starting point is much wider than the 28mm or 35mm starting point on most zooms and is extremely useful for shooting in tight quarters as well as general photography.  Most superzooms go longer rather than wider, and ironically it is the wider field of view that most people find more useful!  The manual zoom ring zooms as quickly and precisely as an SLR’s zoom lens and makes the P880 a joy to work with.


The P880 has a form factor similar to a digital SLR, but is much smaller.

The lens is nice and sharp and the P880’s excellent sensor and in-camera image processing work together to produce pictures with the natural contrast and color rendition of a professional camera.  Images lose a little bit of detail to smudging when viewed at full size, but at ordinary sizes you won’t find fault.  Below are two sample images.


In-N-Out Burger on Dean Martin Drive in Las Vegas. I stop there every time I am in town.  Crossed palms are a tribute to  the founder’s favorite  movie, It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.

Click the Dean Martin Drive link.  My picture looks a lot better than theirs, LOL!  Maybe they should be using a P880.  If the In-N-Out webmaster is reading this, you can grab and use my pic if you want.

In-N-Out not only has great food, but they are a very good company that treats its associates very well and does a lot of charitable work.  I encourage you to patronize them  if you are ever in Southern California, Arizona, Utah or Nevada.  I don’t eat many fast food burgers, but I have a hard time driving past an In-N-Out Burger!


Flash picture of a best friend’s wife and daughter.  Note the natural colors and contrast, especially with  subtle graduation in flesh tones.


My P880 with lens hood and  P20 Zoom Flash

The P880 uses SD cards and was delivered with a rechargeable battery good for hundreds of images.  The Kodak P20 Zoom Flash was available as an optional accessory.  I have one in my P880 outfit and it gives me perfect flash pictures almost every time.

 You can learn more on the Kodak P880 Zoom Camera Support Page.  If you would like to find a used one, your best bets are eBay and KEH Camera Brokers.

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