Product of the Day, Day 7: Creative Vado HD High Definition Pocket Camcorder


Creative Vado HD

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The Creative Vado HD is a high definition camcorder about the size of a deck of playing cards.  The size, shape and design make it perfect to take everywhere- you will never miss those special moments again!

You did read that correctly… the Creative Vado HD is a bona fide high definition camcorder, recording video clips at 720p resolution.  It can also record still images in digital camera mode.   The Creative Vado HD is an ergonomic and functional masterpiece, too!  Controls are logically laid out and intuitive to use whether recording or reviewing videos.  The matte surface is slip resistant and the integrated USB cable both charges the camera and transfers recordings from the internal memory of the Vado HD.  It includes an HDMI cable for playback on a high definition television and lists for a mere $229.


Creative Vado HD side profile.  Note HDMI port behind cover on top

As you may expect given the $229 price of the Creative Vado HD, there are some compromises.  You can only record two hours of HD video at the top quality setting, so if you are vacationing you will probably have to transfer your footage to your computer daily so you can clear the memory for the next day.  The lens is a fixed wide angle, no optical zoom here… and using the digital zoom diminishes picture quality a good bit, so you are best served by composing carefully and moving closer to your subject if you need to fill the frame.  Image quality suffers in low light, though it is passable if you are realistic in your expectations from a mini camcorder.  The screen is sharp but colors are wee bit muted.

The good news is if you work within its limitations, footage from this tiny wonder can look very good indeed when displayed on your HDTV… probably a lot better than footage from expensive analog camcorders, since the Creative Vado HD records at a native high definition resolution.  If you shoot in good light, hold the camera steady, and zoom with your feet rather than the digital zoom, when you view the footage on your HDTV you will be very pleased.

If you are looking for a serious camcorder you should plan on spending more for a high-def model with an optical zoom and more recording capacity, either internally or with memory cards.  If you would like to get your feet wet with high definition moviemaking or would like a camcorder to tote around 24/7, the Creative Vado HD fits the bill perfectly!

Learn more at Creative’s website.   You can get the Creative Vado HD for well under list price ($156.98 at press time) at

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