Product of the Day, Day 4: Acer H233H 23″ LCD monitor with HDMI and HDCP


Acer H233H  LCD Monitor

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Around five years ago I bought a 23″ Apple Display for my PowerMac G5.  The 23″ Apple Display was $2,000 but I felt it was worth every cent because of its excellent image quality which was perfect for digital photography, the ability to work with two full-page documents displayed side by side, and the generous size which made it easy to work with two or more editing programs or web browsers at once.  A big monitor is not just eye candy; it is an extremely useful tool and once you have enjoyed the workspace, you will never go back. 

I’ve since upgraded to the 30″ Apple Display, but remember what a big difference going to 23″ made for me.  Today anyone can get the same experience as 23″ or 24″ monitors currently sell for about 1/10th the Apple’s original price.  Quality varies widely and if you want to get a monitor suitable for digital photography you have to shop carefully as many inexpensive monitors don’t have what it takes for the job.  I can make your shopping very easy by pointing out the best buy on the market, the Acer H233H.  It is widely available for under $250 and is a stunning bargain at the price.  (At time of this writing it is available for as little as $209 from

The Acer H233H has a bright, beautiful image and impressive specs for brightness and contrast, including an amazing 40,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio.  What’s more, it has an HDMI input with HDCP (high definition content protection, necessary for displaying high-def content.) The HDMI/HDCP connection allows you to connect a Blu-ray player, HDTV tuner or cable/satellite box.  This means with the Acer H233H you get an HDTV in the bargain, too!  In fact, if you are looking for a high-def theater in the miniature you could get an Acer H233H, a Blu-ray player, and a pair of the Swan M200 MKII speakers I wrote about yesterday.  What fun for a dorm room or bedroom!  You can also connect your computer via DVI and a Blu-ray player vs. HDMI so you can make use of all of the Acer’s capabilities wherever you happen to put it.

The Acer H233H includes a DVI cable, the best choice for use with your computer.  If you want to try it with a Blu-ray or upcoverting DVD player I recommend you get an HDMI cable from or

Best Buy and Tiger Direct are two good places to get this monitor.  Be sure to check out the user reviews- like I said, this monitor is a ringer.

Acer H233H at Tiger Direct

Acer H233H at Best Buy

I love Apple gear but if the H233H was available for around $200 back when I bought my original 23″ Apple display, I guarantee you I would have bought the Acer and pocketed $1800.  Even compared to Apple’s new $800 24″ display I’d be inclined to go with the Acer as its matte screen is much more suitable to digital photography.   The Acer is a looker, too- the nice stand and frame looks quality.  I love finding products like this to recommend.

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