Product of the Day, Day 22: Monoprice Stereo Audio Cables


Monoprice stereo audio cable, on right with Monoprice HDMI cable

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HDMI gets all the press these days.  It’s the most commonly used digital connection cable now and supplies both video and audio over a single connection.  It’s also been an opportunity for retailers to fleece you by selling you cables that cost $99 to $150, for the functional equivalent of a USB digital cable.   Given the outrageous prices seen at retail, a $40 cable may seem like a bargain but it is still overpriced by a factor or 10.  For more info see my page Buy HDMI and A/V Cables for under$5.00.

In the past I’ve sung the praises of Monoprice’s excellent and inexpensive HDMI cables,  but that is not what I am posting about today.  Monoprice makes some great RCA audio cables too. There are still pleny of components that rely on good ol’ RCA stereo connections, and Monoprice has a great solution for you, too.



Rugged, gold plated connectors and robust shielding make these a winner!

If you find Monster Cable RCA stereo cables you will find all sorts of claims such as “better bass” “more detailed highs” “increased clarity” etc.  Some publications go so far as to “review” cables and describe their “sounds.”  It’s all a bunch of baloney.  If you take off the top cover and look inside your component you will find a thin wire or a soldered connection on a circuit board leading to the RCA connections.  Putting a big thick wire between these two connections isn’t going to make a damned of the difference unless the wire has been designed to alter the frequency response, which in the world of audio is a big no-no.

There has not been a SINGLE TEST conducted under controlled conditions where any human has been able to tell the difference between one wire and another.  Not one.  “Audible difference between cables” ranks right up there with “the Earth is flat.”  If someone tells you otherwise, ask them for proof.  They won’t be able to give you any other than “I can tell the difference, so can so and so, etc.”  I guarantee you that if you put them to a controlled blind test they won’t be able to tell the difference.  In fact, so far no one has been able to tell the difference between Monster Cable and a wire coat hanger!  Sound crazy?  Read about it here.

That said, you should try and buy interconnects that will last and have adequate shielding against interference.  If you have that, they all work the same, and solid connections and adequate shielding are not hard to find.  The Monoprice Premium Audio Cables depicted above are a great choice, and they are dirt cheap!  Here are some sample prices:

1.5 feet  $1.98

3 feet  $2.11

6 feet  $3.19

10 feet $2.77

12 feet  $3.44

15 feet  $3.57

25 feet $6.38

A 25 foot, high quality cable for $6.38?  You can’t get a flimsy 3-footer for that much at the big box store!

These are not just cheap- they are GOOD.  Try them and you will see.

See you tomorrow for the Product of the Day!

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