Product of the Day, Day 28: Pacifist for Macintosh


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Today’s Product of the Day is especially for Mac users.  Best of all, it’s shareware, so you can try it and if you keep it, registration is only $20!

New Macintosh computers come with install discs that contain the operating system and all the included software.  Unfortunately if you want to  install a single program from the disc, usually you can’t… it’s an all or nothing affair, meaning the whole set of software gets installed, if the computer will let you use the restore discs at all.  For those times you want to install a specific program from an old install disc, Pacifist from Charlessoft can help.

I encountered  this recently with my new Mac Pro.  It came with iMovie 9, and I really prefer the older iMovieHD, especially with my Canon HV20 HDV camcorder.  Apple used to have iMovieHD available as a free download, but no longer.  My only hope was to install it from an old disc.

Pacifist to the rescue!  I downloaded Pacifist, installed it, and launched it.  Unpacking iMovieHD and installing it was child’s play.


iMovieHD for my Canon HV20, iMovie 9 for my Canon HF10.  Best of both worlds!

I now have my choice of whatever editing program I want.  I haven’t quite gotten used to iMovie 9and iMovieHD works fine with my HV20’s native resolution, so I really have no reason to migrate to iMovie 9 completely.  The HF10 won’t work with iMovieHD unless I use a codec converter on its AVCHD files, but that is another story for another blog post.  Suffice it to say I have exactly what I want and need.

You may not need Pacifist today,but if you are in the Mac system for a while there is a good chance you will need it someday.  Download it now or bookmark this page.  When the day comes, you will be ready!  Just be sure to do the right thing and pay the $20 registration if you become a frequent user.

See Pacifist and other applications at, and see you tomorrow for The Product of the Day!

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