Product of the Day, Day 30: Samsung PN42B450 42-inch Plasma TV


Samsung PN42B450 42-inch Plasma HDTV

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Looking for a really wonderful 42 inch flat-panel HDTV, with beautiful, completely natural, and satisfying image quality?  What if you could have all that at an incredibly low price, which makes it one of the best bargains in home entertainment?  For under $720 delivered you can put a beautiful plasma set in your life… namely, the Samsung PN42B450.

I have long favored plasma over LCD because plasma TVs produce a much more natural-looking picture, especially in blacks, in color, and in contrast.  Samsung’s plasmas, especially the 42-inch 720p versions, seem to be ringers at the price.  I’ve recommended them to a great many people and all have been completely satisfied, amazed at how good of a picture can be had for so little money.  It’s great used in a budget home theater or just as a TV used on its own.

The Samsung PN42B450 lists for $799 and is available at most major retailers. is currently selling it for $719.99 delivered, which probably represents a savings of at least $100 when local sales tax and delivery is added to your big-box store purchase.  If you can make a leap of faith and buy a TV online, I think it is the way to go in this case.

If you do order one, be sure to set the Picture Mode to Standard and the Color Temperature to Warm.  Change the settings for each input as they are independent of each other.  Set your Samsung plasma up right and you will be treated to a gorgeous high definition image, especially when watching sports broadcasts or Blu-ray Disc movies. The PN42B450 has a built-in high-def tuner so you can add an antenna and enjoy HDTV for free. Can’t beat that!  It also has anti burn-in technology to reduce or eliminate the possibility of burn-in damage.  My plasma has been going for years with no issues.  Burn-in is a non-issue with modern, advanced technology plasma sets.

LCD TVs, even expensive ones, simply can’t match plasma’s realistic flesh tones and overall picture quality.  Here’s a chance to save money and go with the choice of the serious videophile. That’s a win-win if there ever was one!

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