Product of the Day, Day 44 :Olympus E-520 Digital SLR Camera


E-510 pictured (E-520 looks identical)

If you want to take great pictures, a digital SLR camera is the best not only for image quality, but for the fast response times necessary for photographing children and sports.  Interchangeable lenses and available accessories provide the ultimate in flexibility.  If this interests you in the least bit, the time to buy is now because you can get the outstanding 10 megapixel  Olympus E-520 at a price that makes it irresistable!

You can see some results from the E-520’s predecessor, the E-510, at the link below.  (The E-520 is an upgraded version with comparable image quality as they use the same sensor and lenses.) They were taken by my friend (and longtime Sound Advice correspondent) Karen DeJeet with her E-510 and kit lenses.

Why the Olympus E-520 delivers such good pictures:

  1.  The camera’s built-in image stabilizer compensates for hand unsteadiness and keeps your pictures sharp with whatever lens you use.
  2. Olympus’ kit lenses are among the best, if not THE best on the market.  For sharp pictures you must have sharp lenses.  Both the 14-42mm and 40-150mm lenses included with the E-520 are excellent.
  3. Olympus has excellent image processing technology produces great pictures straight from the camera.  Most digital SLR cameras produce images that require significant tweaking in software to look their best.  This makes the E-520 especially suitable for those starting out with digital photogaphy, as well as those starting with a digital SLR.

Image stabilization with every lens you use, sharp lenses, and great image processing means high-quality results with little fuss, no matter your skill level.

There are some other significant benefits to the Olympus E-520:

  1. Olympus Master software is included.  This is one of the best manufacturers’ software packages on the market.  Olympus Master makes organizing and tweaking your pictures easy, and provides for easy camera firmware updates.
  2. A high-capacity rechargeable battery and charger is part of the camera kit.
  3. The camera has a solid feel and smooth operation that belies its price.
  4. Fully automatic mode makes it as simple to operate as a point and shoot, but with much faster responses and quick zooming with the manual focusing ring.

If the Olympus E-520 is starting to sound like a thoughtfully designed,  high-quality product produced by a company with a reputation for great optics and great engineering, then you “get it.”  The reason it is product of the day today is because it is probably the best value on the market right now, especially if you are looking to get your first digital SLR.  At the time of this writing you can buy an E-520 kit with 14-42mm lens for under $450, and the E-520 two-lens kit with the 14-42mm and 40-150mm lenses (which is all most anyone would ever need) for under $525.  If you are buying it, get the two-lens kit as I guarantee you that you will be sorry later if you don’t.  The second lens for only $75 is a steal and equipped with both you will be ready for most any photographic situation.

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Olympus Evolt E520 10MP Digital SLR Camera with Image Stabilization w/ 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 Zuiko Lens

Olympus Evolt E520 10MP Digital SLR Camera with 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 and 40-150mm f/4.0-5.6 ED Zuiko Lenses

Add a couple of high-speed compact flash cards and you are on your way to making beautiful pictures with a minimum of fuss and little expense.

SanDisk SDCFH-004G-A11 4GB/15MB Ultra II CF Card ( US Retail Package )

Questions?  Email Don.  Have a great week!

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