Magellan SE4 GPS only $89.99 at Best Buy


Magellan SE4 4.3-inch GPS Navigation System

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I’ve written a lot about the Magellan Roadmate 1470 GPS lately.  Not only is it a wonderful GPS with class-leading features, at its current sub-$150 street price it’s a steal.

While making my rounds today I came across the Magellan SE4 on sale for only $89.99 at Best Buy.  The Magellan SE4 has a slightly smaller 4.3-inch screen (vs. 4.7 inches) and lacks some of the Roadmate 1470’s high-end features such as the AAA Tourbook,  Exit Lane Guidance, and maps of Canada.  What you do get is the patented turn chime, 6 million Points of Interest (POI) with Highway Exit POI icon, all with the easy to use interface and accurate navigation.  This looks to be an excellent basic GPS and like the Roadmate 1470, unbeatable at the price.

I need love the bigger screen, AAA Tourbook, and lane guidance so I still make the Roadmate 1470 my top recommendation.  It has a premium, high-end feel to it and the features are eminently useful, especially if you spend time on the interstate or sometimes get confused by the obtuse lane directions sometimes found on road signs.  Having maps of Canada is nice too.  If you just want to get your feet wet with Magellan products or GPS in general, add a GPS to a second car, or give a wonderful sub-$100 gift, the Magellan SE4 is a fine choice and it is available right down the street at your local Best Buy.

Both the Roadmate 1470 and the Magellan SE4 are compatible with the Magellan Traffic Link, on sale for under $35 at Amazon:

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