The Speaker Company- closing up shop

I received an email from a reader regarding The Speaker Company and a rumor they were closing up the business.  I was able to reach a source inside D&M Holdings, parent of The Speaker Company…  they are indeed closing up shop after this year.  He said the timing was bad, trying to start a new enterprise in the tough economic environment, and a budget line may not have fit in D&M’s high-end image, no matter how good the speakers are.  All speaker warranties will be honored by their parent, D&M Holdings, so it is safe to buy the speakers as D&M will stand behind them.  I may buy some speakers myself, at the prices they are hard to pass up!  I thought that 40% off deal may have been a harbinger that something was going to happen, which is why I said it was “possibly too much” of a discount.  It is a shame the excellent TSAT speakers will no longer be available.  My readers loved them, as did I.

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