Dreamer BluTV : Product of the Day, Day 5, 2010


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At CES 2010 I received a private demonstration of BluTV from Dreamer Corporation.  It’s really cool and only the second application of Blu-ray’s BD-Live that I have found really exciting.

Do you like having a YouTube channel?  Well, how would you like to have your own real TV channel that anyone in the world with a BD-Live equipped Blu-ray player can access?   With Dreamer, you can… and it’s going to be everywhere soon.

Dreamer’s technology was developed in Korea, where it has been use on broadband networks for about ten years.  (Korea has the best broadband infrastructure in the world, BTW.)  Dreamer BluTV uses Blu-ray’s BD-Live Internet functionality to deliver content such as news, weather, games, shopping, etc.  Users can sign up for accounts ‘a la YouTube and effectively have their own TV station, complete with e-commerce if they want.  I can see this becoming BIG some day.  I have ideas for a few TV shows of my own, Dreamer could get them out there pretty easily!

Dreamer BluTV technology is already present on chips used in certain Blu-ray players, such as those offered by Oppo Digital, the first manufacturer to announce support for it.  If you do not have a player with the hardware, no problem.  Dreamer will send you a disc that will work with your player’s web connection, much like the Netflix PS3 disc. Put in the disc and you have Dreamer BluTv… it is that simple.  No more hardware to buy.

Here are some screenshots from the demo:


Startup Screen





E-Commerce and Paypal- ready to go!


Wal-Mart music sevice


Yahoo! News

The Adult Entertainment Industy Expo is held in Las Vegas at the same time as CES.  I joked with the Dreamer executives that they may have a whole hotel full of customers somewhere in town, all wanting their own private TV station and we all had a good laugh about it… seriously, I think (and hope) this promising technology will be put to a lot better use.  Look for more in the second quarter of 2010.  Now, to work on that game show idea me and a buddy have been kicking around…

Learn more at www.dreamercorp.com.

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