Blu-ray player and movie prices dropping


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If you have been wanting to get into the high-def audio and video goodness that is Blu-ray, the timing is good.  You can get a passable player for as little as $78 at Wal-Mart and movies are regularly selling for around $20 or even less on  In fact, Wal-Mart has some movies selling for as little as $8.00, and double feature packs containing two movies for as little as $20!

Ready to get started?  Here are some good player values:

Magnavox at Wal-Mart: $78

This player is not on the Wal-Mart website but the stores are full of them.  It is a good, basic player without internet connectivity.   My dad has an early Insignia model that is very similar under the hood and it has worked well for him.  If you just want to go to the store and get a player this one should be fine.

Panasonic DMP-BD35 for $135.oo including three Blu-ray movies

This is the best deal going right now.  The DMP-BD35 has fast start-up and operation, top quality DVD upconversion picture quality as well as outstanding Blu-ray performance, and it streams from the web (including Netflix and Pandora.)  A current Amazon promotion gets you get three free Blu-ray movies with your DMP-BD35 purchase.  Hard to pass this one up and it is hard to recommend anything more expensive. Unless you want the player that follows this one in my recommendations…

Playstation 3 Slim $399

Still one of the very best Blu-ray players you can buy, and it plays games, too. Streams Netflix with a free disc, just use your Netflix account to request one. Don’t forget the Blu-ray Disc remote if you are buying this as a Blu-ray player.

Need an HDMI cable or two? Get them for $2.30 each. (Not a typo! See my page on HDMI cables.)

Learn more about Blu-ray at my Blu-ray Audio Explained and my Blu-ray Player Buying Guide pages.

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