3D is here to stay

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I get quite a few emails from readers regarding television purchases. Some are eager to embrace 3D, others emphatically state “I don’t want it/I don’t need it” or “I don’t want to have to deal with glasses.  Some think it will be a passing fad, as it was years ago.  That is one of the biggest objections- people do not want to get stuck with something obsolete or unused.

From my vantage point 3D is here to stay, for the following reasons:

Adoption rate

3D is already being adopted by consumers at a faster rate than HDTV was after it was first introduced.

Industry support

The content producers (motion picture/television industry) and consumer electronics manufacturers as well are firmly behind 3D.

Content producers


Cable and satellite companies are launching 3D channels, and majoe events, such as the NCAA Final Four, are now broadcast in 3D.

Motion pictures

Most all the major films of this summer are coming out in 3D.  Consider the list:



Pirates of the Caribbean 4

Cars 2

Green Lantern

Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows II

Captain America: The First Avenger

Kung Fu Panda 2

The Smurfs

I am sure I left some out as this is just off the top of my heard.  Quite a few comic book and cartoon movies there, but such is the nature of summer movies!

All of these films will make it to 3D Blu-ray.  Last month I was at a private industry presentation at Universal City in Hollywood and was told by film execs that as of next year all of their major releases will be 3D.  There’s no turning back.

Hardware manufacturers support

Manufacturers of 3D HDTVs and recording equipment are behind 3D in a BIG way.

Ubiquitous in the market

Most every HDTV of above average quality is now 3D capable.  Plasma 720p 42-inch 3D HDTVs are available for $500 and up and one of the very best TVs you can buy is $900 or less.


The cost of entry for a 3D HDTV drops every year. Soon it will be commoditized and found in most every decent television.


The glasses are getting better and cheaper. Manufacturer representatives have stated to me in private conversations that making the glasses more comfortable is a priority.  Third parties are coming out with glasses that are less expensive.  I still think the TV manufacturer’s glasses are the best option, but the 3rd party glasses may be a good fit (pun unintended) for extra sets.

Digital cameras and camcorders

More and more consumer digital cameras and camcorders feature 3D modes.

2D > 3D conversion

Many televisions can convert 2D content to 3D.

Summing it up- with a final comment

Besides all the support from the content producers and the electronics industry, the product itself is really, really good when it is done right.  You may not watch everything in 3D but it will be a special treat with special content.  If you buy a TV with 3D, don’t think the feature will go unused forever.  I’m confident that eventually you will get some glasses, try it and be wowed.  It could be the Olympics, it could be your favorite movie seen like it has never been seen before.  I know when I first saw well-done 3D for the first time my thoughts were, “I can’t wait to have this at home!

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