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LP has a new turntable package available, one I am proud to have had a hand in putting together.

The Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB is an excellent direct drive turntable with built-in phono preamp and USB connection.  It’s a great value as it ships from the manufacturer but the DJ-oriented cartridge is the weak link. recognized this and for years has offered a package with the Audio-Technica AT95 cartridge and an improved platter mat to bring the performance into the realm of true hi-fi, if entry-level hi-fi.

After testing the sweet-sounding $99 Nagaoka MP-110 cartridge, now my favorite offering for $100, I suggested to LPGear that they consider creating a package combining the AT-LP120-USB with the MP-110, to take the sound quality to an even higher level than their AT95 package.  They have done just that, at only $354.95.  If you want an affordable USB turntable you won’t find more bang for your buck anywhere.  The AT-LP120-USB is a fine platform that belies its price and the MP-110 and its sweet sound will sweep you away.

AT-LP120-USB with Nagaoka MP-110 cartridge at

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