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Ohm MicroWalsh Short Speaker

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Long time-readers know how much I love Ohm Acoustics Walsh speakers.  You can read what I have to say about them at the links below:



If you want to treat yourself to the best, Ohm is having a Black Friday sale this weekend, including Thanksgiving hours! I have copied the email I received and pasted it below in italics. I can think of no better way to celebrate the start of the holiday season than with some designed-and-made-in-the-USA sonic perfection, at big savings!

Questions?  Email Don

Ohm’s Black Friday SALE starts Wednesday!

We’re having our second Black Friday SALE — Starting Wednesday; so…

If you are ready to order speakers or upgrades, give me a call and we will make a deal if at all possible. We have some amazing deals.

These all use our latest Walsh technology.

I’ll be in the office Thursday 4-9PM, Friday 10-7PM and Saturday 10-7PM to take calls.

If you get no answer, please try later; I’m going to be the only one here. Everyone else is on Thanksgiving Holiday.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

John Strohbeen 1-800-783-1553 

For more information, please visit our WebSite: http://www.ohmspeakers.com

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