Definitive Technology ProCinema 400 Home Theater Speaker System

Here is another winner from the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show: the Definitive Technology ProCinema 400 5.1-channel home theater speaker system. As you can see in the picture the speakers in this system are very small. Usually tiny speakers mean a big sound quality compromise, but that isn’t the case with the ProCinema 400.

In the picture above the grill has been removed so you can see the ribbed passive radiator on top of the cabinet. The speaker is sealed so when the driven woofer moves the passive radiator moves with it, allowing the speaker to reproduce deeper bass than it could without it. Most tiny speakers sound very thin but the passive radiator allows the ProCinema 400 to sound like a real speaker, not a toy.

The top-mounted radiator is a Definitive Technology innovation that has been one of the keys to the great sound and critical acclaim they have earned over the years.

The speakers have removable bases that snap in place. Putting them on a shelf? The bases provide solid footing. Mounting them on the wall? Take off the bases for a cleaner look.

The ProCinema 400 ships as a system complete with powered subwoofer for only $599. I was impressed at the show so I requested an editorial loan so I could review it, and I am listening to them as I type this. The sound is crisp, clean, and detailed with just the right touch of warmth to make the sound immediately appealing. Instruments and vocals have a palpable presence that is rich and defined. When you start enjoying the music that accompanies commercials, you know that you are listening to some great speakers! My only comment is the center channel needed just a bit more break-in than the satellites before it sounded its best. but this is just a comment, not a critique and something for you to bear in mind if you do buy the ProCinema 400 for yourself.

At $599 retail they represent a great buy from a leading high-end brand. Paired with a receiver like the $399 Marantz NR1402 and you have a wonderful home theater for under $1,000.

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