How to make a movie with your digital camera- it’s easy and fun!

Making movies with your digital camera is easy and fun!   Modern cameras have great movie modes that record sound too.   You can watch the movies  on your camera and computer, send them via email or even burn them on DVDs for television watching.   Many camera owners do not take advantage of this great feature, and with this post I hope to encourage you to try it if you haven’t just yet.

There are some limitations.   Digital SLRs do not have a movie mode, and with most digital cameras you can’t use the zoom while recording, like you can with a camcorder.   You also may be limited in terms of clip length, especially if you have an older camera.   Finally, movies take up space on your memory card just like pictures do.   Even with these drawbacks, making movies with your camera will add to your fun and your memories.

To make a movie, first select the movie mode.   It is the icon that looks like a movie camera, as shown in the two illustrations below:



After you select movie mode, the camera will enter standby and show how much time can be recorded on the memory card.   Below, it is 14 minutes and 54 seconds.


Next, go into the setup menu and check the image size.   The larger the size, the larger the picture and the better the picture quality.   The larger setting also takes up more space on the memory card.   As you   can see in the illustration below, the 640 size takes up about twice the space of the 320 size, and the 320 size would yield 29 minutes 20 seconds of video.


Use the large setting for movies you want to play on your TV or convert to DVD.   Use the small size for movies intended for email and web use.

Set the zoom and compose with the screen or viewfinder, then push the shutter button.   The movie will begin recording.   Push the button again to stop recording, just like you were using a camcorder.


To review the movie, set the camera to playback mode.   The movie will show up on the screen with an icon to show that it is a movie.   Select it and the camera will play it back for you.


When you download your memory card to your computer, the movies will be saved in the same folder as the pictures.   In upcoming blog entries I will show you how to send them via email, post them on websites, and burn them to DVD for television viewing.

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