Welcome to my new blog!

You’re probably here because you saw me announce this blog in my latest newspaper column… welcome!  

There are  two reasons I started the  Sound Advice  Blog- first of all, it is an additional creative outlet for me and with it    running in conjunction with my newspaper column, I can do an even better job of educating and entertaining the public.   There will be lots of supporting information on here, as well as lots of  things you won’t find in the newspaper.  

If you enjoy my column, bookmark this site and stop back regularly (and tell your friends, too) as there will be several posts per week with how-tos, tips and turtorials, news on the industry, product reviews, and some special features I am working on.   I am also starting a dealfinder section and a  scambuster section because everyone loves to get a deal, and everyone hates getting scammed- and I hate the scammers!   There are lots of companies twisting and bending the truth to overcharge you or  sell you something you don’t need, and I am looking forward to giving them grief  on here.

The  other primary reason I started this blog is readers have been requesting it for some time, specifically a searchable archives of my past columns.   I’ve spent the last few weeks posting my old columns (not always in order) so if you use the search box you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for, or just go to the “Newspaper columns” link on the left.   Of course, I still need you all to send me questions and comments as they are the lifeblood of the column.   Contact me via the “Submit question” link.

While you are here, be sure to  check all of  the sections of the site so you can get an idea of what is in store for the future.   I strongly recommend the story of my recent tour of Jerry’s Records, located under the Features section… you have never seen so many records in one place, and Jerry is a great  guy with a great story.   My tour of Polk Audio is posted below and will prove interesting reading, too.  

Thanks for stopping by and stop back again soon- I promise you an interesting time!

-Don Lindich

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