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Sound Advice

By Don Lindich

Week 25, 2007

Q) Where does one go for electronic equipment? Circuit City just did themselves in again, I won’t go to Best Buy considering their “eminent domain” land grab and their return policies. Here in Connecticut we’re don’t have much for local audiophile or computer stores. Any suggestions about on line sites?

-Bruce Digerness, Windsor, CT

A) This partiuclar column could end up being seen a bunch of plugs for a bunch of places and products, but if that is what it is going to be I can say that all of these plugs have been earned over and over and are well-deserved. I buy a lot of electronics myself, and recommend products to readers as well as recommend places to purchase them. Over the past five years I’ve uncovered some great places offering quality products, excellent prices, and suprisingly, much better service than you are likely to find in stores. One would think that buying online or on the phone would be impersonal, but some of these companies are staffed with extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic people anxious to help you. So fire up your web browser and get ready to take an online tour of some of the best places to do business online.

In the world of home audio three companies immediately come to mind: Outlaw Audio, Axiom Audio, and Ohm Acoustics. All three companies sell only customer-direct and have extremely knowledgable and dedicated personnel to serve you. Outlaw makes high quality stereo and home theater electronics, Axiom and Ohm make home speakers. Their websites are,, and

Oppo Digital’s bargain-priced, high performance DVD players and outstanding customer service have garnered them praise throught the A/V world. They can be found at Cambridge Soundworks, known for their wonderful table radios, can be found at

If you are looking for full-line companies, start at I’ve found some fantastic bargains there and service is absolutely top-notch. Be sure to check out their clearance section. has great selection and prices and often has some wonderful specials on Polk speakers.

Looking for refurbs? One of the best buys anywhere can be found at, where you can buy a top-rated Harman/Kardon receiver for a fraction of the regular price. Excellent deals on Onkyo electronics (some of my favorites) are at

Nauseated by $150 HDMI cables? Me too! Get a good one for $6 at and tell the big-box store what to do with their $150 rip-off. More great inexpensive cables and the killer $125 SUB-100 powered subwoofer can be found at

Some other great online places are,,,,,,,, and

Introduce your children to the long-lost cartoons of your childhood with rare DVDs from Get a free office software suite at It’s like getting Microsoft Office for free!

Just because a company isn’t on here doesn’t mean they aren’t good- I don’t have complete knowledge of everyone on the market. You can check out prospective companies by looking them up at It will help you sort out unreputable operators

In closing, if you have a good locally-owned independent retailer, be sure to visit them and give them a chance to earn your business.

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