Don’s Dealfinder: Oppo DV-970HD Universal DVD player, $119 Refurbished


Oppo DV-970HD Upconverting DVD player with SACD/DVD-Audio


Oppo’s upconverting DVD players are some of the finest available at any price, with top-notch picture and sound. They even include an HDMI cable! I could ramble on but so much has been said about Oppo’s players and the company’s outstanding customer service, no more needs to be said. (To learn more about my experiences, search the blog under Oppo.)

These players don’t have the build quality of the megabuck players, but they DO have performance that matches or exceeds most of them. Think of it as Ferrari performance in a Ford body. If you only have $125 for a basic DVD player, this is definitely the way to go. Has lots of other nice features, like a memory card reader for showing digital camera pictures on your TV. Check it out at

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