Don’s Dealfinder: Outlaw Audio Preamp/Processors for $499 and $799


Outlaw Model 970 Preamp/Processor


Outlaw Model 990 Preamp/Processor


Outlaw Model 7075 Amplifier

Yow. Outlaw Audio has their Model 970 Preamp/Processor on sale for only $499, and their top-of-the-line Model 990 Preamp/Processor for only $799. That’s a tremendous bargain as the 970 and 990 were considered great deals for their usual asking prices… it wasn’t that long ago the 990 was $1099 and a hot seller at the price.

For those that are unfamiliar, “separates” are basically a receiver broken into two separate components… the preamp/processor, which switches sources, processes signals, and changes volume, and an amplifer, which drives the speakers. Separates typically have much better audio performance than receivers and are much more flexible. When you upgrade, you can keep your amp and change the preamp/processor for one with the latest technology. Separate amplifiers easily outperform receivers with similar power ratings as they are measured differently than receivers are, and held to a higher standard. It’s the way serious audiophiles do it. I myself went from a receiver to separates over ten years ago and would never go back.

You need an amp to go with the preamp/processor and fortunately Outlaw has the Model 7075 7-channel amp for $699. Combined with a Model 970, you have the quality, performance and flexibility of separates for under $1200, competitive with many upmarket receivers that won’t come close to matching the effortless performance of separates. The receiver will have more bells and whistles, but it won’t have the guts. The receiver is sizzle- the separates are steak! If you have $1200 or more budgeted for a receiver, get a 970 or 990 and an amp instead. You won’t be sorry! See them at

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