New computer speakers from Axiom Audio

I heard from Axiom Audio‘s PR firm yesterday… they have entered the computer speaker market with a new product called, accordingly, Audiobyte Computer Speakers. Axiom touts them as “the first and only luxury hi-fi computer speaker system available. It brings a true high-definition sound to your computer, music (including iPods!) or movies. The eye-catching Audiobytes offer an earth-shattering 50 watts/channel and color can be customized (see examples below) to match any decor.”


Axiom has yet to disappoint me with anything they make so I am very interested in checking these out and seeing if they are worth their $349 asking price. I’ll be hearing them at CES and will be sure to report back right away.


If they can outperform the Monsoon MH-500 flat panel computer speakers I have enjoyed for years (they’re like miniature Magnepans with killer sound to boot) Axiom will have something tremendous on their hands.

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