CES 2008: Day two, and some comments

Time to continue my admittedly delayed CES 2008 coverage!   I have some neat things to show you that you probably won’t see anywhere else.

Before I report on what I saw on day two, I need to fill readers in on some things they won’t see, and why.

Surprisingly, many mainstream audio manufacturers such as Onkyo don’t have booths on the show floor or in hotel suites, or entertain the press and show off products for publicity.   They limit their CES presence to independently-owned dealers and buyers for mass-market chains such as Best Buy and Circuit City.   It’s the best use of their time and resources at the show and they reach out to the media through their PR firms in order to get their products in the news.

You won’t get a recap of every product I see or every meeting I attend as many are covered under NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) and I am prohibited from releasing or leaking any information about the products and technologies I see until a pre-set date.   The only comment I am going to make here is in my NDA meetings I saw some truly remarkable products and new technologies that you will be hearing about soon.   2008 will be an incredible year!

Next- I am going to post each meeting individually rather than recap the whole day in one post, so in the future readers can navigate to exactly what they want without having to sort through everything else.

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