Why I’ve been MIA: Another website on the way

Readers may wonder why I haven’t been updating my CES reports or making any new blog entries recently, though my column continues to run in newspapers every week.   I’m ready to announce I have a brand new website  under development, something new that  will be the biggest and best site of its type on the entire World Wide Web  .   I’ve been working feverishly to get it launched to  the exclusion of pretty much everything else other than my newspaper column.     I’ve got the heavy lifting out of the way so I’m going to post some columns this weekend and resume posting a bit more frequently here, so you can look forward to more blog posts in the near future.

The new site will run in conjunction with this blog under a separate domain name, though some of the content will inevitably find its way on here.   Keep checking back for news on my new site!

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