Reek Squad (Or more directly, something stinks at Best Buy and Geek Squad)

I came across this rather shocking article through one of my email alerts. Lately I’ve been expounding on why I believe locally-owned, independent retailers are a far better place to do business than big-box stores… this piece from MSNBC drives the point home. This is an extreme case but this isn’t the first time I’ve heard a big-box horror story… I often get them firsthand since people reach out to me for help through the column.

I found the manager’s note particularly alarming. Read more at:

A lost laptop, a $54 million lawsuit from

I doubt she will get what she is asking for, but this is going to be very interesting to follow.

Looking for an alternative to the big-box places and the poor service? The following info is coming in a column that has already hit some newspapers, but if you would like to find a locally-owned appliance and electronics retailer and give them a chance to earn your business, try the links below: (Appliances and Electronics) (Home theater and custom electronics installations)

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