Insignia NS-B2111 Pictures


Insignia NS-B2111 Speakers

I’ll soon be comparing the new speakers from The Speaker Company to the Insignia NS-B2111 speakers sold at Best Buy. The Insignias have been making waves for over a year now as a great-sounding speaker that can be had for under $100 per pair. (They were under $50 per pair before the buzz starting spreading and the price was raised 80%!) Even at the asking price they are well worth it. I haven’t hooked up the Insignias yet to make a direct comparison, but I’ve been listening to the TSC setup for a few days and have come away impressed for what they offer for the money. Until then, here are a few original images of the Insignias. They’ve gone undepicted on this website for much too long.


Carbon fiber woofer with coaxial silk soft-dome tweeter

The coaxial carbon fiber driver is the Insignia’s claim to fame and key to its high performance. Note silk soft-dome tweeter, center.


Insignia NS-B2111 binding posts

The Insignia’s binding posts are the best of any budget speaker. The large plastic knob is easy to grip and the terminals are clearly color-coded. They accept bare wire or banana plugs.

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