Polk Audio tour and Jerry’s Records- a neat coincidence today

I’ve had a very relaxing and enjoyable Sunday. Paul DiComo of Definitive Technology is in town and we went shopping at Jerry’s Records, Pittsburgh’s legendary used record store. I first met Paul when he ran the marketing department for Polk Audio, and he is a great guy and a true music lover and audiophile. He is certainly in the right business!

It was interesting to watch Paul walking around Jerry’s today because two very similar, popular posts involve them. The posts are my tour of Polk Audio headquarters from a few years ago, and the tour of Jerry’s Records I posted last year. Since today was an interesting day that combined elements of both of them, I am posting links here for your enjoyment. If you haven’t seen them before, check them out. There’s so much content on the site that a lot of readers have never found them.

In reviewing the posts prior to making this one, it was interesting to read what I wrote last year. A particular paragraph comes to mind:

“Next question… are young people embracing records, as has been reported in some places? “More and more of them are starting to,” Jerry replied, continuing, “I am seeing more and more of the under 25 crowd, and I am seeing more young girls come in.”

There were indeed quite a few young people in the store today, and a healthy mix of males and females browsing the record bins. There may be something to this vinyl resurgence I’ve seen in the news lately. I don’t think you will be finding huge sections with new vinyl at Best Buy anytime soon, but as a viable medium, vinyl is here to stay for anyone who loves the sweet sound of analog.

If you enjoy these features, be sure to stop back because I will soon be posting my tour of Paradigm in Toronto. It will be my best yet as not only do I have lots of pictures, I have some video too!


Click here for the Polk Audio Tour




Click here for the Jerry’s Records Tour

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