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More in-flight rocket videos tomorrow night… maybe!

My in-flight model rocket video, taken with an $8 keychain camera, has been very popular online.  You can see it above and if you want to learn more check out the page on the amazing $8.00 keychain camera. I have a few of the keychain cameras lying around and built a couple of models that […]

Creative Vado HD (Older model) for under $75

Creative Vado HD The original Creative Vado HD can now be had for under $75 online.  That is a far cry from the original $229 MSRP or even the $156 and change it sold for not long ago.  If you want a pocketable HD camcorder and don’t have to have the absolute latest model you won’t […]

Olympus PEN E-P1 Video Sample

Here’s a sample Quicktime video of site mascot Gabby showing her stuff, recorded with the Olympus Digital PEN E-P1 in 720p movie mode, shrunk for web use.  Compared to my Canon HF10 it looks a little soft on my 70-inch TV  but I am still learning the camera and expect things to get better.  You […]

Product of the Day, Day 38: Free HD Movie Maker Software for Windows

You can get free HD Movie Maker software for Windows from Sothink Media today by clicking on the appropriate link below.  It will enable you to convert and encode video files and burn them to DVD or Blu-ray, for playback on Blu-ray players.

Product of the Day, Day 7: Creative Vado HD High Definition Pocket Camcorder

Creative Vado HD The Creative Vado HD is a high definition camcorder about the size of a deck of playing cards.  The size, shape and design make it perfect to take everywhere- you will never miss those special moments again! You did read that correctly… the Creative Vado HD is a bona fide high definition […]

Camcorder pass-through analog to digital video conversion, buying a new camcorder

Sound Advice By Don Lindich Week 31, 2007 Q: I have been looking for the right digital camcorder so that I can do the pass through method to put analog to DVD after editing. I’d like to go with MiniDV as it has been recommended by you and an Apple Pro, but most of the […]

Sound Advice Week 21: Using computer and turntable with sound system, Apple iMac computers and digital video

Sound Advice By Don Lindich Week 21, 2007 Q: I’m interested in getting my computer and my turntable (I have a Pro-ject Debut III) to use the same speakers in my sound system. Of course I don’t need it to be simultaneous but I’d like to not have to fuss with cords if its possible. […]

Editing home movies, the easiest way to make DVDs from VHS tapes, Don’s new blog

Sound Advice By Don Lindich Week of October 29, 2006 Q: I just read your column about using a DVD burner to make DVDs. My question comes before this. How do I EDIT my old home movies that are on VCR tapes and then burn them onto a DVD? -B.A.Kieffer A: There are two ways […]

Buy a good tripod- and be sure to use it!

Sound Advice By Don Lindich Week 12, 2007 Q:   With so many tripods available it’s very hard to find a good, reliable one.   Do you have any small (12″ or less) tripod recommendations for a digital camera? -Greg Voyzey, State College, PA A:   First of all, I commend you on your desire […]

Making DVDs at home

Sound Advice By Don Lindich Week 10, 2007 Q: My wife bought Pinnacle Studio to burn home movies to disc. I am attempting this on a Dell Dimension computer outfitted with a CD burner. So far I have been unable to burn DVDs and obtain poor quality burning to CD-Rs. Do I need to buy […]

Erasing camcorder tapes, quality speakers, black and white digital photography

Week 1, 2007 Q: Is there a cheap way to completely erase used 8 mm camcorder tapes so I can reuse them? When I looked on line for the handheld magnetic erasers they were rather expensive.   -Doug Sneddon A: Take your camcorder and put on the lens cap, rewind to the beginning, press record […]

DVD media compatibility, single-piece surround units, record players and receiver volume settings

Sound Advice Week 41, 2006 Q: I have a Sony digital camera and I use a 512 MB memory stick, which will record 30 minutes of video in movie mode. I download the memory stick into an iMac computer and then burn the video on a DVD-R disc My problem is that the DVD will […]

Sending a TV program to another room, Easy Media Creator, poor-looking DVDs

Week of August 27, 2006 Q: I want to have a TV in my garage, but don’t want to wire it for satelite. (That is what I use in the rest of the house.) Is there a product that can project the signal from the house to the garage? -Don Anderson, Minneapolis, MN A: The […]

Cambridge SoundWorks, Bose, and Polk’s new i-Sonic, DVD creation with a computer

Week of July 23, 2006 Q: In one of your articles you recommended a less expensive competitor to the Bose table radio. We want one that can play CDs. Could you please advise on which one to buy? -Bob Charny A: You are referring to the Cambridge SoundWorks Radio CD 740, which sells for $349. […]

Inexpensive MiniDV camcorders, optical image stabilization, plasma and LCD TVs

Week of July 9, 2006 Q:   My son & I want to buy a fairly cheap ($400 tops) digital MiniDV camcorder so we can play around with making movies using iMovie (we both have Mac’s).   What would you recommend and why? -Geoff Sirc, Minneapolis, MN A:   Without question, I very strongly recommend […]

Making quality videos on a budget

Week of June 11, 2006 Q; A friend and I are planning to start a small business that will specialize in recording the memories of the people of our community on video. Our plan is to guide the interviewee through the events of their lives by means of a customized list of questions. After, the […]

Digital video editing: The Mac is the king!

Week of May 28, 2006 Q: I am looking for an editing program to use with my computer to edit digital camcorder movies. My main criteria is I want it to be easy to use. What do you recommend? -Jerry Rutledge, Mt. Lebanon, PA A: I’m in the process of completing an informal test of […]

Console TV sets, camcorder-computer compatibility

Week of January 7, 2006 Q: Our 18 yr old console TV’s reception is becoming worse and soon we’ll have to replace it. I would like to go with a flat screen, HDTV model- however, I haven’t seen any that come in a console. Our house is small and does not have a family or […]

Importing video into a computer, turntable hum

Q: I have a lot of Hi8 and VHS tapes I want to import into my computer for editing and burning to DVD. I have a Canon ZR70 digital camcorder that apparently can be used ti convert analog video to digital. How does one go about this? Hyunchul Shin, Pittsburgh, PA A: The camcorder works […]

MiniDV vs. DVD Camcorders, Optical Image Stabilization

Week of June 26, 2005 Q: Don, I would appreciate advice on camcorders. It is time to upgrade the old analog VHS system we got as a wedding gift 10 years ago. I really don’t understand, nor do I have the time to fight through all the rhetoric that is out there. (A long way […]