About My Column and this Site

“Love your column – the best in telling it like it is.” – Roger, a Sound Advice reader, Dec. 16, 2006

Sound Advice is my weekly Q&A newspaper column.  The column launched in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on July 4, 2002 under the name Multimedia Answers and was quickly picked up by Scripps Howard News Service for national distribution. Today it appears in major newspapers nationwide and is distributed by McClatchy-Tribune Information Services.

I am dedicated to helping both enthusiasts and everyday, non-technical people understand consumer electronics and get great results, no matter their budget. As a lifelong enthusiast as well as a veteran of the consumer electronics and photographic industries, my passion is helping people gain as much enjoyment from these life-enhancing hobbies as I do.  In the column I provide practical, easy-to-understand advice, recommend exceptional products, help my readers save money, and expose scams and lies in the industry for what they are- “too good to be true” online bait-and switch pricing, expensive speaker wire and connection cables, and “your electronics need maintenance, buy our protection plan”, for example.

I have had many requests for a searchable online archive of past columns, so here it is! You will also find a growing number of product reviews, how-tos and tutorials, commentary on the industry, and some non-related trivia once in a while, too. As a naturally curious person who usually has something to say if I see something I think my readers will enjoy, I’ll be sure to put it up here.Enjoy your visit, stop back again soon and if you have a question, send me some mail and I’ll try and help!

Best regards,

Don Lindich