Amazing Keychain Video Camera for $8 delivered


Camera with USB adapter and quarter for scale

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This is one of those deals where you simply can’t go wrong. A tiny camera that looks like a car remote that records DVD quality video complete with sound, takes still pictures, recharges via USB, and uses MicroSD cards for recording. All for less than $8. Commonly called the 808 keychain camera,  I bought four on my first order and will be buying more as back-ups as I am sure to lose a couple with what I have planned, LOL.


Just plug into a USB port to charge and upload files

I discovered these through my model rocketry hobby. When looking at rocket launches on YouTube I found amazing onboard videos made with these cameras, and then found videos of the cameras attached to cars and airplanes, motorcycle helmets, you name it. At under $8 each I would not care if I lost them, so I ordered four and made my first rocket video. I have to tell you, the experience is addicting!


Semroc Texas Firefly

I used a Semroc Texas Firefly for this video. The rocket is a two-stage design.  The yellow fin assembly holds a booster engine, which launches the rocket from the pad and then ignites  the upper stage, the complete rocket with the blue fins.  It sounds kinda NASA but believe me, it’s pretty simple to accomplish.  After the engine is done boosting it allows the rocket to coast a bit before ejecting a long red streamer I used to slow the rocket’s descent and make it easier to track.  When you watch the video you will see the rocket launch off the pad, then the yellow fin unit will fall away as the upper stage ignites.  You will then see the streamer eject and the model fall to the grass, where it is located by Gabby the rocket retrieving dachshund.  It actually took a while to walk to the landing site so I trimmed the dead space out.  Please note that I know the date is incorrect- I did not set the camera’s date stamp.


Ready to fly with CHAD (CHeap And Dirty) masking tape attachment

Here’s the video on YouTube. I would like to note that in each case the video is shrunk for web use and the original is noticeably sharper and more colorful on my computer screen. I think you will still be pretty impressed, though.

Link to bigger version: Keychain Camera Rocket Video on YouTube

If rocketry sounds like fun to you and you’d like to check it out, check out my club’s page, and if you’re a Pittsburgher stop by a launch sometime. It is fun, affordable and safe, and your kids will love it! If you live elsewhere you can visit for a club near you, or stop by your local hobby shop.

Chuck Lohr has very detailed, very well-written information about this camera. If you are going to order one I highly recommend reading through Chuck’s page.

Where to buy?

I bought mine from eBay vendor linjiechong as he seemed to have the best price and one of the better models of the many variations of the 808. As I write this he is selling them for $1.45 each plus $6.30 shipping from Hong Kong for a total of $7.75 apiece. I am sure there are other good vendors out there but if you are looking for a quick and simple recommendation I can vouch for him given my own good experience.

linjiechong’s eBay store 

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