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CES 2009: $21,000/pair German Physiks Unicorn Speaker System

German Physiks Unicorn Speaker System German Physiks makes speakers that range from $21,000 to over $200,000 per pair.  They use a driver they call the “DDD” for “Dicks Dipole Driver” which is a pure Walsh cone made of carbon fiber.   You can read about Walsh speakers and their original developer, Ohm Acoustics at my page Ohm Walsh speakers: unique technology, […]

Anthem Front Projection System

Anthem LTX500 LCoS Video Projector Paradigm’s high-end electronics line, Anthem, is delving into video display with a pair of re-branded JVC LCoS projectors.  The JVC LCoS front projectors are about the best I have seen and Anthem hopes to bring their customary high level of service with the products. I saw the LTX500 demonstrated with the Black Diamond […]

CES 2009: Paradigm Edge Entertainment System

Paradigm Edge Compact Entertainment System Paradigm had a number of very impressive products on display at CES 2009.  Of special note was  the new Paradigm Edge Compact Entertainment System, Paradigm’s first foray into the premium table radio segment. The Paradigm Edge includes a DVD player and an integrated iPod dock with full remote control functionality.  […]

CES Day 2: Images from the show floor

  Sharp Booth: LOTS of LCD TVs I just got in from my flight home from Vegas so won’t be posting any more today.  Soon I will have more coming about my second day at CES, including some neat stuff from the High Performance Audio exhibits.

CES Day 2: Cocoon Innovations

Cocoon Innovations Grid Organizer   Cocoon Innovations had an impressive dispay showing their innovative organizers with their Grid system.  The Grid uses interlocking elastic bands of varying lengths to allow you to secure most anything you have to take with you, holding it in place firmly and keeping you organized.  Perfect for type A types, […]

CES Day 2: Dish VIP 922 DVR, DTVPal DVR

Echostar/Dish Network VIP 922 A few days ago I discussed the Echostar/Dish Network VIP 922’s.  Here are some pictures showing some of its capabilities.

More tomorrow

I’ll have more from CES 2009 tomorrow, so be sure to check back!

Toshiba Cell TV

Toshiba Cell TV After losing the HD DVD / Blu-ray format war Toshiba hasn’t had a lot of new stuff to talk about.  They still make some nice LCD TVs, but when you see other manufacturers coming out with interesting new Blu-ray players, camcorders, digital cameras, etc. Toshiba is running the risk of becoming marginalized with […]

CES Day One: Dish Network ViP 922 HD DVR receiver, low-priced packages for digital transition

Dish Network started my day off with a press conference.  They announced their new Sling-loaded 922 HD DVR receiver, and it is one truly impressive piece of equipment… the first thing I saw at the show that was truly revolutionary. 

LG BD390 Blu-ray Player

  LG had a table at The Digital Experience where they were showing their new BD390 Blu-ray player.  LG has made some Blu-ray waves lately with their BD300, which is the first player to ever beat Sony’s PlayStation 3 in a speed test.  Unless you follow the format closely you have no idea how big […]

Pentax K2000 Digital SLR

Pentax K2000 in white and black. Pentax had their K2000 digital SLR at The Digital Experience, and it is a sweet little camera!  It’s nice and compact, as are the lenses that are designed to go with it.  It’s well made and feels great in the hand, as opposed to the entry level Canon models, […]

Mitsubishi LaserVue DLP Projection HDTV

Mitsubishi LaserVue TV… consuming only 98 w of power.  I was excited to see Mitsubishi display their new LaserVue TV at The Digital Experience.  I’ve always loved projection TVs for the big, filmlike image, and supposedly Mitsubishi’s new LaserVue is a game changer.  It uses red, green, and blue lasers rather than a lamp or LEDs and […]

Pepcom: The Digital Experience

Pepcom hosts a mini-CES of their own called “The Digital Experience” which is invitation-only to members of the media.  It’s extremely well done and a lot of fun, and I make sure I get here in time to attend every year.  It was held at The Mirage Wednesday night, the evening before the show.  A […]

CES 2009: Day One

Greetings from Las Vegas and the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show!  The big news this year is… there isn’t any really big news, there have been hardly any products that make you go “wow” and the show itself is noticeably smaller and less busy than usual.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a big show but […]

I’m off to the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show

In a few hours I will be flying out to Las Vegas for the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show.  Despite the gloomy economic news, the press releases have been coming in and it looks like there will be some truly great stuff there this year. I plan on posting regularly throughout the week to tell you […]