Recommended Electronics Repair Centers

Looking to repair your electronics or repair your camera?  Repair of a TV, repair of a DVD player, repair of a receiver, repair of anything electronic can be a challenge and often repair results can be disappointing if you are not careful.  Personally I’ve been disappointed more often that not when trying to get my gear repaired as sometimes it comes back less than perfect or isn’t fixed at all.  Below are some places that I have found to be winners all the way around.


Atlas Audio Repair

Atlas Audio Repair is located in Pittsburgh, PA and comes with my top recommendation.  I had a prized vintage Nakamichi tape deck that both a local repair shop and the factory authorized Nakamichi service center had written off for dead after multiple repair attempts, giving a different reason each time it failed soon after repair.  (Once, I was told it was fixed when it wasn’t even touched!)

When I told Mike, Atlas’ proprietor about my cassette deck, he said, “bring it in.”  Soon my Nakamichi was in perfect working order and it has functioned properly for years. Since I mentioned Atlas in my newspaper column years ago, many readers have written thanking  me for the recommendation, all very pleased with the quality of work, service, and price.

Atlas repairs anything from modern and vintage tube amplifiers, turntables, CD and DVD players, TVs, clock radios, you name it.  They have lots of neat stuff for sale in their store, too, if you live near Pittsburgh. Free estimates are provided for any equipment shipped in to them.

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United Radio Service

Located in Syracuse, New York, United Radio Service repairs everything from original equipment car radios to pagers, home radios, and A/V components.  They did a great job repairing my Denon  DVD-1600 DVD player before I became familiar with Atlas.  The DVD-1600 was known to have a transport that failed after a few years.  URS replaced it with a more durable, upgraded drive and it has functioned flawlessly ever since.  They are a Certified Service Center for many brands and have a very large inventory of parts.

Digital Camera Repairs

If you have a digital camera that needs repaired, if the original price was under $300 I recommend you consider replacement as cameras are getting both better and cheaper at the same time (for the most part.)  If you have a more expensive model or a camera you are especially fond of, send it to the manufacturer.  First of all, these are VERY precise instruments best repaired by those who made them.  Second, if you take your camera to a camera store for repair they will likely send it to the manufacturer, get the same quote you would have received yourself, and mark it up significantly, usually 50% or more.  Send your camera in yourself.

Turntable phono cartridge and stylus replacement

Needle Doctor in Minneapolis has a wide variety of phono cartridges for every turntable and price point.  They also sell a very wide range of turntables and accessories such as phono preamps and record cleaning products.  My favorite place to send vinyl lovers (other than Jerry’s Records!)