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Podcast of Interview with Paul C. Buff and Debbie Buff: Hatching the Bees

I recorded this with the intention of simply transcribing it and posting it here. It turns out Paul was a very a good storyteller and his personality and character really comes out when you hear him speak, and I felt that simply posting the words on here would not do it, or him, justice. The […]

Inside Polk Audio- a Visit to Polk Audio’s Headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland

Experiencing Polk in the 1980s I first became familiar with Polk Audio during my college days in the mid-late 1980s. Audio was a newly adopted hobby and as I read many magazines to learn all as much as I could, I saw many Polk advertisements featuring Matthew Polk in his white lab coat, standing with […]

Jerry’s Records in Pittsburgh, PA… “Records for people to listen to”

I have long been a lover of vinyl records and all they offer… sweet, rich, natural sound quality that CDs can’t match, an incredible variety of music available spanning decades (make that hundreds of years) of American and world culture, and low cost that allows one to build an amazing collection for much less than […]

Should You, “Switch”?

August 10, 2002    Apple Computer’s new “Switch” advertising campaign struck a cord with me.   Over a third of the correspondence I receive is from users frustrated with Windows.   Every time I read an email describing a Windows error message or a computer that acts as if it has a mind of its […]

Home Moviemaking in the Digital Age

My very first newspaper column- published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on July 4, 2002!   I planned on a Q&A column, but the first one had to be a feature to introduce myself and ask that questions be sent in, which I did in the footer. Home Moviemaking in the Digital Age Digital camcorders and […]